Cranial Nerves

You smell (cranial nerve I) something absolutely delicious in the kitchen. You see (cranial nerve 2) that no one is in the kitchen. You move your eyes (cranial nerve 3, 4, and 6) to where your olfactory senses are taking you and your eyes constrict (cranial nerve 3) when you see that your roommate made some awesome tamale. You start immediately putting that thing in your mouth and you start masticating (cranial 5). Omg~ you’re having a mouthgasm. Your taste buds in 2/3rd of your tongue (cranial nerve 7)  is taking in that rich mole flavor and you start salivating like crazy (cranial nerve 7). You quickly move your whole face (cranial nerve 7) just smack dab on the tamale and cry (cranial 7) half from joy and half from pain. Then oh snap! You hear (cranial nerve 8) someone at the door and you quickly regain your balance (cranial 8) and start running your way back to your room. You realize after you eat the tamale that actually it has a bitter aftertaste on the posterior 1/3 of your tongue (cranial 9) . You salivate (cranial nerve 9) from that interesting taste in your mouth and swallow (cranial 9) it down…hoping it’ll go away. You try to sniff (cranial 9-monitors sinus) all the mucus in your nose from eating from eating so spicy! And try to calm your heart beat (cranial 9- monitors carotid body). You hear your roommate coming in and you hear her say “WTF?” She barges in your room and demands to know what happen to her tamales. Still tasting that tamale on the back of your throat (cranial 10), you swallow (cranial 10) and lift your palate (10) to talk (cranial 10). “How should I know?? I just woke up from a nap!” Then your stomach (cranial 10- communication to and from thoaco-abdominal viscera) deceives you as you hear a pur from it. You turn your head (cranial 11) to your stomach and then you glance back at your roommate only to shrug your shoulders (cranial 11- lifts shoulders). You then stick your tongue out to your roommate (cranial nerve 12- moves tongue). 

Yeah the sinus and heart beat one may not make complete sense to what it actually does but hey I tried.


Zorba Paster

It’s cool what little nuggets I can get from NPR news on the radio. While I was listening while driving to get Chipotle and on the show they were talking to a woman who have had migraines and headaches for years (which she now sees a chiropractor for). However, she still struggled with crazy nightmares on an almost daily basis and she was asking Dr. Paster why. It was just so awesome since our school is just starting to talk about neuropathic illnesses. He told her to have good “sleep hygiene” but he said if conditions don’t get better she may have to try gabapentin drug (which he stated he uses for chronic illnesses such as seizures). Just nice to get these reinforcements outside of class…helps me to know what I’m learning is seriously relevant.



Face of the Day- Current Foundation Routine

Photo on 10-6-13 at 9.57 AM

Do not let my makeup deceive you ladies. I have serious break out issues at the moment. I don’t know if it’s a weather change, stress from med school, or something but my acne has been pretty bad so I need something to really cover my face. These are the products I’ve been using to give a natural yet flawless looking skin.


Revlon Photoready stick concealer in Medium Beige, Covergirl Outlast Foundation (mix the soft honey and medium beige color together), Urban Decay Naked Skin BB, and Hello Flawless! Powder Foundation by Benefit color “All the world’s my stage” Beige.

I’ve realized that the Covergirl Outlast foundations can really make my face look cakey and unnatural without a primer underneath…especially in the dry area I’m in. So I’ve recently tried the Naked BB cream to put underneath my foundation and I think it helps quite a bit. And the good thing is so far the Naked BB has not made me break out…which makes it one of the few primer-type products that doesn’t break me out. For more troubled areas I place the Revlon concealer over it and blend the product with my fingers onto my skin. Finally I powder my face with the Hello Flawless powder foundation which gives my face a bit more coverage.

Rest of my face: Mac’s liquid eyeliner in Defiantly Feline, EM Cosmetics eyeshadows from the Night Life Palette, Rimmel’s Scandaleyes eyeliner pencil in Nude, L’oreal Telescopic Mascara, Mac’s powder blush in Plum Foolery, ELF’s bronzer from the St. Lucia’s blush/bronzer duo, Maybelline’s lipstick in Fuschia Flash topped with NYX’s lipgloss in Beige, and Clinique’s eyebrow powder.

EDIT!!: Okay I think I was too quick to judge the Naked BB cream. It doesn’t necessarily break me out but I think it’s clogging my pores because upon closer inspection I see tiny little dots all over my face! Not good! I’m going to quit using it and see if it is the culprit. I will let you know!

EM Cosmetics Lipsticks in Night Life Palette

In this blog I will be featuring all of the opaque lipsticks found in the Night Life Palette. These are:

Uptown Girl, Time’s Up, and Wine Stain



The colors are circled in red in the diagram above! From top from L to R: Uptown Girl, Time’s Up, and Wine Stain

NOTE: One More, Downtown, Nude Attitude, Come Hither, and Kir Royale will be featured in another blog since they are more sheer glossy lipsticks.

up town

Uptown Girl: This is a purply mauvy nude color on my lips. If you apply too opaquely it may look too mauvy purple on the lips…which does not look natural on me.

time's up

Time’s Up: Magenta pink red

wine stain

Wine Stain: Christmas color red; applied some gloss under the lips

In general, these lip colors can be applied more smoothly on the lips when you add her glossy lipsticks before. These lipsticks unfortunately make my lips a little dry if I don’t apply lipgloss below or on top. The biggest con of these lipsticks for me is that these cannot be applied directly with your fingers!! If you accidentally place this color outside the lips it will stain and not get off! Even if you try to rub it off the moment you apply them. The good side of this staining effect is that these colors do last on the lips longer than normal lipsticks on me. But make sure you use lip brushes to apply them especially around the edges! If you don’t want to use a lip brush then use these colors with your fingers and apply them to the top and bottom of the center of your lips. This will give you that stained lips look and will last all day.

In general would I purchase these colors full size? I wouldn’t purchase the Up Town color since it looks unnatural on my lips unless I use it as a stain. Additionally, if I don’t have time to carefully apply these lipsticks can make me look like I have spaghetti sauce on the side of my lips if I’m not careful (especially the red). So I’m not that eager to purchase these.

Hope this helps!


Seriously nervous about Obamacare! D: I have a feeling patients and doctors will get slighted whereas the insurance companies will make even more money…just great.