I love you Happy~

I video made by my sister’s friend. Love you very much Happy…I hope I was a good owner to you… you loved me and ran towards me no matter how I treated you. You made my day every day after school or work.

My dog is in ill condition right now…I’m praying I’m making the best decision for my little Happy. It’s been a bit hard but I know she’ll be in a better place…place with God where there’s no pain and there’s always happiness πŸ™‚



John 7: 1-24

John Chapter 7: 1-24

Β I found this passage kind of aroused my curiosity about how Jesus grew up and how he was with his brothers. I mean…if I had to believe that my brother was actually conceived by the Holy Spirit and was the son of God….I would probably scoff at him too like…Yeah right! We were born by the same mom, you ate and pooped the same stuff as me…and yet you’re the son of God?? I find it interesting however that Jesus’s brothers had the intentions of a normal self-seeking human. They urged him to go to the festival so he can become a “public figure” and “prove it to the world” how awesome his miracles are. However, Jesus clearly has different intentions…”I am not teaching my own ideas, but those of God who sent me…Those who present their own ideas are looking for praise for themselves, but those who seek to honor the one who sent them are good and genuine.” I feel Jesus’s genuine intentions from this passage. Despite the fact that He might get killed, Jesus goes to the festival and preaches God’s words so that many can be saved. I hope that I can always have the genuine intentions of Jesus…when I am praying out loud that I pray to God and not for other people…when I talk about God’s Word I will talk about it not to make myself sound more knowledgeable but to give others a greater understanding of His Word.
What do you think of this passage? πŸ™‚

EM Michelle Phan Cosmetics Look 4: Dinner at Eight

After actually trying it on my face right now, I realize the best way to use these shadows is to use your fingers (except the dark shadows). Β Please see my previous blog post to see what shadows I used!

Photo on 9-13-13 at 6.44 PM

So from the Dinner at Eight quadrant, I used the highlight blush (candlelit) and patted it all over my eye lids. Next I used the tan matte color (a la carte) to deepen my crease (I love this color!). After that I placed the pink shimmery eyeshadow (sweet dessert) on the center of my lids, and the metallic taupy gold (hors d’oeuvres) on the outer third of my eyes (love this color too). Last I lined my eyes with the matte black eyeshadow (eight o’ clock). On my lips I used the kir royale sheer red lipgloss and dotted Rimmel Stellar Apocalips lipgloss on the center of my lips.

Photo on 9-13-13 at 6.46 PM

I would say I totally dislike the highlight candlelit color as a highlight for my face. It seems like a chalky white color on my skintone. I did overall enjoy the eyeshadows I used for this look…although I would have liked if some of the eyeshadows were a little more pigmented.

Overall score of this quadrant: B+

This is my 100th post for my blog! YAY! πŸ˜€ Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Em Michelle Phan cosmetics

So after my first exam, I decided to go a little overboard and treat myself with some makeup! πŸ˜› This is a little crazy purchase for me though. I decided to get it as a big “I appreciate you” to Michelle Phan. So far I have yet to try it on my face but I have some pictures and swatches. I purchased the Night Life palette and it went for total of 75 bucks! :O Yeah it’s crazzy expensive I’ll tell you right off the bat! Do I think it’s worth it? Let’s see the swatches and then judge.


whole palette


I put a red box around the area I will be swatching today.

A lot of people had issues with the packaging…they thought it looks cheap and like a toy. I think maybe it was her inspiration from her artsy side…since it looks like an art palette artists use. But the packaging could have been a little more luxurious looking…especially if I’m going to spend freaking 75 dollars. The outside box that packaged this palette was pretty…


But…I’m most likely throwing that away. I mean what use is an outside box??

mirror light

This is the Look 4: Dinner at Eight quadrant (lower right).

My thoughts so far? So I haven’t even tried it so I can’t say much about the quality although when I swatched them they generally were soft and not too difficult (although a couple were a bit powdery). The colors were pretty pigmented.

What I DO want to say is…THE PRICE IS RIDICULOUS! I thought I might even compare this with the largest makeup palette I have…which is a Smashbox palette. The smashbox palette I currently own (which includes 45 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, 2 highlights,1 bronzer, 6 lipglosses, and 9 gel eyeliners) has DOUBLE the amount of makeup compared to this palette (in grams) and the smashbox was HALF the price.

Upon closer inspection, here are the differences b/w the two: Smashbox one was made in China whereas Michelle’s was made in Canada. I didn’t look two closely at the ingredients b/w them since the smashbox palette doesn’t say. The smashbox palette has some misses in terms of eyeshadows and the eyeliners for me. But there are some great hits too! I can’t say too much about the overall EM palette yet but just by swatching couple of the shades for 75 dollars I would expect every single one of the items to be excellent (glide on butter smooth eyeshadows) and luxurious. I can’t really say that it is.

Overall, I think she should cut back on some areas of her line so she can make her makeup line more reasonably priced: 1) don’t hire a bunch of people to do tutorials on the website for the makeup…they weren’t that helpful unless Michelle did them 2) We don’t need a pretty box that encloses the makeup~ that’s really a waste of money. Even these I don’t think were the reasons why the price was so expensive…it is just simply overpriced.

If she is going to continue on with this pricetag for her line…they better improve the quality of the palette. Make the eyeshadows as nice as Dior’s or something.

Yay! Finally some down time…makeup tutorial!

Hello guys!

I finally get to relax this weekend since I just had an exam yesterday. I passed but I need to do better for the next test since I heard it only gets harder. So although I was considering back home this weekend…I decided not to since I probably want to get a good early start on my school work for the next unit. BUT with this time I decided to do another step by step tutorial inspired by this lady’s look:

I loved the eye look she was able to achieve and I decided to improvise it to look good for my eye shape. Other than the one item the rest of the eye shadows were from my Smashbox palette.

mac pinky storm

I just purchased this online at Mac, and it’s a beautiful greyish pinkish mauvish color. I applied this color as a base on my lids.


I applied some purple eye liner earlier so I decided to just add the base and smudge the two colors together.






Next my favorite highlighter shade. I used a tiny little Ecotools brush to highlight my inner corners and the inner third of my eyes.

purply mauve sparkle


I applied the rosy mauve sparkly shade on the left as my main lid color. This is a new favorite inside the smashbox palette! Β I used my favorite shade brush from Ecotools to pat on the color. The vanilla sparkly shade on the right I used to highlight my brow bone.



sparkly bronze

I applied this bronze shade on my crease to warm up my eyes and blend the pinky purple


dark purple


I applied this dark burgundy purple to my outer V to deepen up the color.



I love this Elf C brush to use for my outer V.


I used this black eyeshadow with glitter on my eyes to kind of softly outline my eyeliner and make the eyeliner look less harsh. I used a regular eyebrow brush to apply it.





To brighten my eyes a little further I used a peach sparkly eyeshadow on the center of my lids and with my finger patted it in.



Last but not least I used my Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner in nude to brighten my eyes further. This stuff is awesome. Most eyeliner pencils smudge on me especially if I put it in the waterline but this one doesn’t. πŸ™‚

And this is my final look

Photo on 9-6-13 at 4.36 PM #3


I hope this helps and thanks for reading! πŸ™‚



John Chapter 4: 1-45

Reflection time! I’m currently emailing my reflections to our CMDA faculty. It’s a way she thought she could encourage the girls in our group to read the Word despite our busy schedules.
I read John 4:1-45 today.
What really struck me from this passage is that Jesus calls his food “is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.” If I were to always remember and live out God’s Will it would be so much more substantial for my spiritual/inner health than anything else I try to fill myself with everyday. I keep reminding myself that I came to to this school for a reason, and isn’t my own will that brought me here. And in that truth I need to find a security that my non-Christian friends can be attracted to.
Another passage that struck me was when Jesus states, “God is spirit, and His worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth.” I am so so thankful now that I have that access…that ability to worship with Him in spirit….not on a special mountain/city…or not because I’m a Jew. I am able to worship and fellowship with Him because of what Jesus did on the cross.
What has struck you this week as you have done your QT? πŸ™‚
Prayer request: We have a test coming up soon. Prayer is desperately needed. Prayer for my sister and my boyfriend to find Β a job. Prayer for me to be more frequent in my QTs. Prayer for me to meet with God daily and represent in everything that I do. Prayer of thanks for I am loving the people I meet and the friends I have here. Prayer of thanks for my boyfriend who has been a huge support for me even when I’m locked in my room and studying.