just started studying for a spanish oral exam OTL…it’s gonna be a looonnnggg freaking night. Why do i do this to myself.


My little analogy of T cells anergy and tolerance

  • Think of you and your T cells thinking as a relationship. So you can think of this process as finding someone to date. The T cells need to be at least weakly attracted to you by your outer appearance (self-MHC). If they’re not then you reject them- positive selection. Then you begin to date them for a while and get more intimate with them (go toward the inner medullary thymus). When you’re getting to know them better you need to know whether they like you as a person. If they react poorly to who you really are (your self-peptides) then you need to reject them-negative selection

Outfit Picks for Spring



Outfit 1: Blazer (Forever 21), Dress (W118 by Walter Baker), Necklace (Baublebar), Shoes and purse (sole society)




Outfit 2: Blazer (passed down from my aunt…LOL), blouse (Old navy), skirt (Target), shoes (Korea)

Chic From Ears To Tail OPI Minnie Mouse collection 2013


I finally got around to trying this color out yesterday. The color didn’t really appeal to me in the bottle cue it was such a light bubblegum pink but I finally decided to give it a try. I’m surprised to really like this polish although I did have some issues with it.

Pros: I do enjoy how the color turned out in the end…perfect color for Spring! I love the micro silver shimmer threaded in the polish. And so far with top coat, the polish is going on strong. Let’s see how long it lasts after three-four days…

Cons: Took four coats for it to look acceptable. As you can see from the picture the nail polish still didn’t level out perfectly. First three coats were streaky as heck.

Overall….B? B+? Could’ve lived without it but I still enjoy it and probably will use again in the future.

Driving Etiquette 101

When driving, please act as if you would by yourself in public instead of acting as if you have security behind a windowed car. And if that’s how you normally act then please get some manners. And prepare to get your a$$ kicked. Thanks.