Cranial Nerves

You smell (cranial nerve I) something absolutely delicious in the kitchen. You see (cranial nerve 2) that no one is in the kitchen. You move your eyes (cranial nerve 3, 4, and 6) to where your olfactory senses are taking you and your eyes constrict (cranial nerve 3) when you see that your roommate made some awesome tamale. You start immediately putting that thing in your mouth and you start masticating (cranial 5). Omg~ you’re having a mouthgasm. Your taste buds in 2/3rd of your tongue (cranial nerve 7)  is taking in that rich mole flavor and you start salivating like crazy (cranial nerve 7). You quickly move your whole face (cranial nerve 7) just smack dab on the tamale and cry (cranial 7) half from joy and half from pain. Then oh snap! You hear (cranial nerve 8) someone at the door and you quickly regain your balance (cranial 8) and start running your way back to your room. You realize after you eat the tamale that actually it has a bitter aftertaste on the posterior 1/3 of your tongue (cranial 9) . You salivate (cranial nerve 9) from that interesting taste in your mouth and swallow (cranial 9) it down…hoping it’ll go away. You try to sniff (cranial 9-monitors sinus) all the mucus in your nose from eating from eating so spicy! And try to calm your heart beat (cranial 9- monitors carotid body). You hear your roommate coming in and you hear her say “WTF?” She barges in your room and demands to know what happen to her tamales. Still tasting that tamale on the back of your throat (cranial 10), you swallow (cranial 10) and lift your palate (10) to talk (cranial 10). “How should I know?? I just woke up from a nap!” Then your stomach (cranial 10- communication to and from thoaco-abdominal viscera) deceives you as you hear a pur from it. You turn your head (cranial 11) to your stomach and then you glance back at your roommate only to shrug your shoulders (cranial 11- lifts shoulders). You then stick your tongue out to your roommate (cranial nerve 12- moves tongue). 

Yeah the sinus and heart beat one may not make complete sense to what it actually does but hey I tried.


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