Life is a box of cookies

“Just remember, life is a box of cookies.”

I shook my head a few times and looked at her. “Maybe it’s because I’m not so smart, but sometimes I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

“You know how they’ve got these cookie assortments, and you like some but you don’t like others? And you eat up all the ones you like, and the only ones left are the ones you don’t like so much? I always think about that when something painful comes up. ‘Now I just have to polish these off, and everything’ll be O.K.’ Life is a box of cookies.”

-Norwegian Wood by Murakami


Another guy at the train station attempted to start a small talk with me but I was NOT in the best mood this morning so I gave very curt, cold responses. And I was heading to my train I saw the guy following behind me. I was so afraid he was going to stalk me…but THANK GOD he was just going about his way…I think. I kept turning around to see if he followed me to my stop but he didn’t.

I wish a normal GIRL would talk to me. That would be nice for a change.

Another random note: A beauty guru named Elle and Blair Fowler will be at a Barnes and Noble in my hometown. I’m kind of surprised they’re coming to Garland…but hey anything to get their book promoted I suppose. I kinda wanna go just to see if there will be girls flocking around them. I may not have time though because I’m staying late at work to attend a seminar featuring my boss and his research.

Also I went to Six Flags this past weekend! Didn’t get to blog about it but I may tomorrow :).



Yesterday, a strange creeper guy knocked on the glass window outside while I was on the train. I looked up and he smiles and waved at me. I gave him an awkward smile and then he proceeded to say something but the train (thank goodness) started moving. Strange people at the train.

But driving a car is no better. Some lady decided to try to cut in between me and the person behind me at a stop light only to bump into my car and leave a huge scar/ dent in it. I already filed a claim but it still stresses me out that my beautiful car has been through so many damages. I’ve had my car for less than two years! 😦 Praying this process runs smoothly.

Another uncomfortable/odd incident today was when a guy at another lab asked me to go to a red bull soapbox race because he’ll be competing in it. The odd thing is I hardly talk to this guy. He seems like a nice fellow though…and he always says hi to me whenever I stop by. I thought it was just another small talk convo so I was like “Oh yeahhhh sure.” But then before I left the lab, he was like “See you on Saturday!” And I was like “…Oh okay!” I sure hope it was a light invitation because I don’t think I’ll go… Apparently red bull soapbox is when amateur and experienced racers compete to have their soapbox or their hand-made vehicle go through winding courses

Very interesting idea…

An odd book I’m reading is called Norwegian Wood by Murakami. I don’t why I’m so drawn to his novels since all his novels are soooo messed up and weird. In this novel, he talks about a woman being basically raped by a girl she’s tutoring. D: I like the way his style of writing though…very easy to follow even if I’m half dead from waking up early for work. I’m in a quest to find normal books to read…maybe a romance novel?

Messed up dream: I had a really crazy dream last night. I think I was kind of traumatized by how many mice I killed yesterday. I must’ve killed 15 of them…the most I’ve killed in one sitting. Very verrry traumatizing. I was killing mice in my dreams. I need to switch to another job or something…sigh.

Odd trick for indigestion: I used to put baking soda in my water to help my digestion. I often get these burning sensations in my stomach…especially if I eat something too spiced up like Indian food :(. My mom thought I was slowly killing myself so she decided to device a much natural remedy. She boils red and green cabbage to make cabbage juice. The juice tastes quite disgusting but the juice works like a charm…I say even better than putting baking soda in water. I have to drink it quickly holding my breath so I smell the cabbage though.

Trick for hyper pigmentation/ acne scars: I decided to try the remedy going around the internet…which is lemon juice! Apparently using lemon juice as a toner in the scarred areas can help it go away faster. Recently, I’ve been getting acne again…me so sad. Anyways I squeeze lemon juice and pour it into a travel size spray bottle. Then I spray it all over my face and spray some in a flat cotton pad and rub it all over my face. I wait 10 minutes or so and then I wash it off. I feel this remedy helps fresh scars…not the scars I’ve had since middle school. It does seem to lighten my complexion in the morning though. Very cheap and natural skin renewer!

Sorry this entry is sooo weird. The only calming aspect in my life right now is God’s Word. Must cling to it.

Btw: Harry took his MCAT today. Praying it went well :O. We prayed together yesterday that he’d do well…but so far I haven’t even heard a peep from him!