Having a social life

I haven’t written here in years I feel like! So many things to do in the upcoming months…I’m feeling pretty stressed about it so I don’t think I can write here too much for awhile. I know- but by this summer I’ll probably be able to write in here everyday and talk about my frivolous life. But before I go I guess I’ll post about what I did during the weekend Harry was here!

My coworkers and I decided that we need to give others the impression that we had a social life. So Harry, my coworkers, and I went to Gloria’s for dinner. The $3 margaritas were truly awesome. Unfortunately I only took sips since Harry decided to gulp down three margaritas that day. We all then went to go see the Hunger Games in the theater. I don’t think the movie was that exciting…and honestly I’m kinda disappointed about the ending of the whole series that I lost all spark for the whole thing.

Harry and I had wonderful dates together this past weekend. We went to the Fort Worth Zoo together. It doesn’t compare to the San Diego zoo but it’s supposedly top five in the nation?

Okay so enough animal pictures. We also wanted to go to Six Flags but we stupidly went on a weekday only to realize they’re only open on weekends right now. So we instead went around downtown Dallas and explored the city. Then we went to Main Event and played bowling. It was actually really fun since we both felt no shame in being terrible at it and we could play all we want. We ate Boiling Crab during his stay here …and it was all right. I actually love Crawfish Hut in Atlanta better for their flavoring. But the Boiling Crab crawfish were big, fresh, and juicy. Gah i love crawfish! can’t wait to eat it again…after all it’s the crawfish season!

I miss him already despite the fact he left couple of days ago. No time to ruminate on such thoughts though I guess.

To distract myself all the more…I’ve bought a ton of makeup this month:

Such as ELF blushes! I got three blushes for 9 dollars and free shipping at Target. I know it’s amazing! And the quality of these blushes are fantastic for its price. Long wearing, highly pigmented, applies smoothly, etc. My favorite one right now is Fuchsia Fusion. I thought it may be too cool for my skin tone but it’s actually a nice pink flush with large silver speckles. I heard it’s very similar to Nars Angelika. The other two colors I got were Mellow Mauve and Candid Coral…but I may give the Candid Coral one to Cat or Christine since they have fair skin tones. The candid coral looks like a highlight color to me. Mellow Mauve is a great color too but more for fall or winter.

While Harry was here I also bought MAC’s Treat Gently tender tone. These were sold out in most places so I was excited to get one! I haven’t used a lot of MAC cosmetics. The last ones I’ve tried were called Slimshine lipsticks and I didn’t like them because they were too creamy…they didn’t last that long on my lips. But since everybody and their mother seems to like MAC products I’ve decided to try them again. The tender tone smells so delicious. I was wary of it at first because the color was green, but it actually just looks like a sparkly gloss when worn. These tender tones are nice because they don’t dry out my lips after I wear them for a long time. They feel slick and glossy. I tried Hot n Saucy in the counter and was almost going to buy it. However, once I did apply I realized it smelled like cherry…which I dislike. So I ended up not buying it.

And this last one I’m sharing with you I’m really excited about.

My first time using Benefit makeup products. This kit was 38 dollars which is amazing because the blush by itself is 28 dollars. Basically you get the other two (Stay don’t stray and eye bright) full size for 10 dollars! There’s also the high beam but the one in this kit comes in .13 oz when the deluxe size is in .45 oz. Bella bamba is such a gorgeous color on my skin tone. The blush gives a nice watermelon pink color to my cheeks with shimmer. And the smell of the blush is so delightful. I think the blushes are worth their price…I may try their other ones. I haven’t tried the other yet but maybe I’ll let you know what I think of the others. But already I’m blown away by this value set…just for the price and the quality of the blush.

Going to Atlanta next week! Maybe just maybe I’ll let myself update then.



Hungry for Hunger Games

So currently I’m on the third book. I’ve heard that the second and third book were disappointing and that the first book is the best. So I went on reading the first book expecting some epic novel whereas I wasn’t expecting much of the second book. So my initial presumptions I think made me enjoy the second book more than the first. After the second book, I was contemplating on whether I should read the third book in Spanish because I couldn’t find an English copy in the library. Luckily my coworker let me borrow her book. The books are not an enlightening read, but they sure help me pass the time while I’m on the train. I feel like the books were almost written with the intentions of ┬ámaking it into a movie.

Work has been pretty stressful these days…and so I don’t really have much to share about my life right now. All I can say is I can feel that God is not absent through what I’m suffering. And I feel like for one of the few times in my life I feel not happiness but joy that comes from the Lord.

My current favorite praise song:

My recent favorite beauty product: Tarte smooth operating powder. It really helps mattify my T-zone.

Harry’s coming to Dallas this Friday. My coworkers, Harry, and I will watch the Hunger Games together. So exciting!

Fortune cookie

I got a fortune cookie today with this message:

“A peaceful mind gives great power.”

I really needed to hear this this week. Despite the stress from work, I feel like God is giving me encouragement and strength in many different ways.

God’s Calling

I had a pretty good Sunday this week. I’ve been getting to know the girls in my church more. Hopefully this means that I’ll a deeper relationship with them and the church. I hate just going to Bible study, going to worship, small talking after service, and then going home. Somehow it makes the church experience so empty. Church is the people after all.

Wow two of the girls at my church just recently got engaged. Their lives seem all set…their jobs and their future family is all set in place for them. Somehow it makes me feel so uncertain about my own future. This uncertainty and the fact that our pastor spoke about the crucifixion this Sunday made me really want to run to my Bible and read. I went to an outside mall and just started reading. It was so nice to meditate on God’s Word.

One of the questions we went over in Bible study was: Would you be able to respond to God’s calling despite the fact that your friends and family don’t like the idea?

Somehow God lead me to the passage of Judges 13:1-14:20. It is an early story of Samson. One I pretty much have forgotten about. It’s kind of a disturbing story but something I’m glad I read today. Samson is filled with the Spirit of the Lord even when we was young. I don’t think it necessarily meant it was impossible for him to make mistakes though. He sees a Philistine girl and decides that he wants to marry her. So he goes on telling his parents that we wants to wed the girl. The parents are opposed to this idea…saying that it would be a lot better for him to find a Jewish girl. But he insists that he wants to marry her. “His father and mother didn’t realize the Lord was creating an opportunity to disrupt the Philistines, who ruled over Israel at that time” (Judges 14:4). Later on, Samson actually becomes heartbroken and angry because the Philistines and his fiancee don’t embrace him. He ends up giving up his fiancee to his best man. God works in mysterious ways and in ways that we cannot fully understand until later. Or maybe even never. Samson probably didn’t know that God was working in his life…sometimes in painful ways. But later this experience gave way for the Jews to be free from their enslavement to the Philistines. I also see how God can even work through mistakes…such as how God worked through the Samson’s mistakes (even later on). Finally, it made me realize how God’s calling can sometimes be drastic and almost disagreeable to the people I love. I guess the trick is to know whether God is really speaking through the people around you or not. I wish I was filled with the Spirit of the Lord just as Samson was…so that I may glorify Him and be part of His amazing plan.

I’m listening to:


There is love that came for us
Humbled to a sinner’s cross you broke my shame and sinfuless you rose again victorious

Faithfulness none can deny through the storm and through the fire there is truth that sets me free Jesus Christ who lives in me

You are stronger you are stronger
Sin is broken you have saved me it is written Christ is risen Jesus you are Lord of all

No beginning and no end You’re my hope and my defense you came to seek and save the lost you paid it all upon the cross

So let your name be lifted higher
Be lifted higher be lifted higher