EM Cosmetics Lipsticks in Night Life Palette

In this blog I will be featuring all of the opaque lipsticks found in the Night Life Palette. These are:

Uptown Girl, Time’s Up, and Wine Stain



The colors are circled in red in the diagram above! From top from L to R: Uptown Girl, Time’s Up, and Wine Stain

NOTE: One More, Downtown, Nude Attitude, Come Hither, and Kir Royale will be featured in another blog since they are more sheer glossy lipsticks.

up town

Uptown Girl: This is a purply mauvy nude color on my lips. If you apply too opaquely it may look too mauvy purple on the lips…which does not look natural on me.

time's up

Time’s Up: Magenta pink red

wine stain

Wine Stain: Christmas color red; applied some gloss under the lips

In general, these lip colors can be applied more smoothly on the lips when you add her glossy lipsticks before. These lipsticks unfortunately make my lips a little dry if I don’t apply lipgloss below or on top. The biggest con of these lipsticks for me is that these cannot be applied directly with your fingers!! If you accidentally place this color outside the lips it will stain and not get off! Even if you try to rub it off the moment you apply them. The good side of this staining effect is that these colors do last on the lips longer than normal lipsticks on me. But make sure you use lip brushes to apply them especially around the edges! If you don’t want to use a lip brush then use these colors with your fingers and apply them to the top and bottom of the center of your lips. This will give you that stained lips look and will last all day.

In general would I purchase these colors full size? I wouldn’t purchase the Up Town color since it looks unnatural on my lips unless I use it as a stain. Additionally, if I don’t have time to carefully apply these lipsticks can make me look like I have spaghetti sauce on the side of my lips if I’m not careful (especially the red). So I’m not that eager to purchase these.

Hope this helps!


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