Busy bee! Nars palette

Yesterday was the first time we cut our cadaver! So cool yet so sad at the same time. I hope our cadaver is looking at us from above and feeling good that he gave his body for the health and well-being of others. I was pretty startled at first because when we were first introduced to him we saw his body and face! I had heard from my friends that they usually cover the face up until later. Oh well at least the initial shock is over. I also liked how our school divided us up into colleges and told us to describe how we feel about the process so we can let our feelings out.

And now that we’re actually starting real school I haven’t been able to blog here although I wanted to. So much reading and homework! I guess I can blog for a little bit while I rest from my studies.


I know…another makeup product I splurged on. Why? Well this palette is $59 and the cheek powders are the same size as their full sized blush for 29 dollars. I essentially paid for the eyeshadows a dollar. Plus I was dying to try LHASA and Deep Throat…so I thought this was the perfect opportunity! Love grabbing value sets.


nars swatch

From L to R: Deep throat (peachy light pink with shimmer), Dolce Vita (warm tomato red with a hint of brown?), LHASA (bluish grey with a hint of purple and shimmer), Rangoun (dark chocolate blackish brown with shimmer), on the top Antananarivo (matte light tan/brown), and Molokai (cream yellowy white with shimmer).


nars palette look

On the cheeks: Deep Throat, eyes: LHASA as main lid color, Antananarivo at the crease to give warmth, molokai to highlight inner corner and top of my eyebrow, and Rangoun to deepen my outer V.

On my lips I have on Milani Fruit Punch lipstick with Mac Lust lipglass over top of it.

Overall, I think this was a great snag for me since I hardly purchased any NARS products since they’re always so expensive. I do enjoy the blushes and the eyeshadows. They are all quite pigmented and easy to blend. Even though you think Deep Throat is a light color it actually is quite pigmented so use a light hand at first! Also I enjoy it because I think I’ll be able to make a couple different looks on the eyes with these colors.  However, if this palette was just the eyeshadows I think I would pass…they’re not all that soft or uniquely colored (except maybe LHASA…and the highlight shade Molokai is quite pretty). This is an exclusive palette from Nordstrom and it can be purchased there.

Hope this helps your purchase!


Milani Lippies!

Hello! I haven’t been on this blog for a bit and I was itching to write here again! This past weekend I had my white coat ceremony…and I have to say is I feel truly blessed. Our school is somewhat unique in that we created our own oath…which helped me remember what exactly I was promising in my oath. I hope that I will become a worthy physician…one who upholds the promises she made during the beginning of her medical career. Next week we’ll be starting “real” school…Eek! Need to prepare myself stat!

Anyways today I wanted to review some lippies I’ve been collecting over the past few weeks:


Milani Color Statement Lipstick L to R: Naturally Chic, Fruit Punch, Best Red, and Nude Creme. Overall these colors may need a bit of lipliner to may the colors apply nicely on the edge of your lips…ESPECIALLY the red (which I will talk about later). Overall I love the line and here’s why:


Swatches in the same order. Brownish red, warm pink, classic red, and pinky nude


Here I am wearing Fruit Punch. I love this color…I think the combination of this lipstick with Mac’s Pink Lemonade lipglass is amazing. However, in this picture I just have the lipstick on. It has just enough warmth in the lipstick to make it more wearable on my skin tone. The lipstick is creamy with a cream finish. Though these lipsticks don’t make my lips peel…I feel much more comfortable wearing these on top of a lipgloss. For this color although lipliner would be nice I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary.


Nude Creme: This lipstick is a pinky nude with a cream finish. I would say it has the general color idea as L’oreal Fairest Nude color. Unfortunately like most nudes, this color doesn’t look very appealing on my skintone without some colored lipgloss. The consistency is creamy and applies easily on the lips. I would apply some nude lipliner to fill my whole lips and especially outline the edge so that I get an clean and even opaque nude finish.


Naturally chic: It’s a cream finish with a nice creamy consistency. This is my everyday color. I top this lipstick with Mac’s Lust lipglass and the combination is very work/prof school appropriate. I don’t think this lipstick requires lipliner and it’s the most hassle free application because of it. (This may also be because it’s the closest to the color on my own lips). The color applies well with just one or two layers. This is the first color I purchased and because I liked this one so much I ended up getting the other three.


Best Red: Thought it’s a pretty bright red color, this is my least favorite of the bunch. Unlike it’s name, it’s not the best red lipstick I own. It’s matte with more a stiff texture and thus the color is a bit difficult to apply. Also, if you accidentally get this outside your lips you’re screwed because it’ll stain red rather quickly. If you kiss someone the lip color will get all over them and it has a lot of transfer. I would try tissue-paper-blotting technique so it becomes more of a stain. I would also use a lipliner and lip brush to apply this color…thus making it the more bothersome lipstick to deal with. The formula is the most drying of the bunch…but not to the point of significantly peeling my lips. It just makes the inner part of my lips a little more crackly looking if I don’t apply lipgloss with it.

Out of all the shades I recommend Fruit Punch and Naturally Chic. Which colors do you like from the line?

House Haul #2

I went to a local mall the other day and found once again some cool decor for my house! It was a sketchy looking store called Outlet Decorations and they had 93% sale prices…which honestly is ridiculous.


This is my absolute favorite find out of all the paintings. I absolutely adore this style of painting. I’m not well versed in the arts so I looked up this painting and found that the artist’s name is Alphonse Mucha…a Czech painter and decorative artist. I got this painting for about 10 bucks! Can you believe it?? I love Mucha’s paintings and also Klimt The Kiss

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 9.37.55 PM

Alas this painting obviously can’t be found at a cheap outlet store. Anyways there’s something about both their styles that I am drawn to…perhaps it’s the modern yet Renaissance-like combination? I’m planning to place that Mucha painting right above my green accent rug in the living room.


This is the second find from the same outlet store. This was 20 bucks and honestly it was the perfect shade that matches the curtains in my bedroom. I can’t wait to do a room tour after I have my room all organized and decorated!


Random post: I picture of what I made for dinner today! Korean ssamgyupsal (pork belly) bbq with dwenjangjjigae (Soy bean paste soup). Perfect combination and a very hearty meal! I’m so stuffed right now. Need to work out and lose weight TT.TT

Update: The Bikini So Teeny polish I wore the other day chipped off. It’s probably because I went hiking and did some pretty rough stuff…but I was a little disappointed it couldn’t last a little bit longer. Plus the polish took so long to dry that some of my nails were already screwed up…in a way I was glad to take it off. Since I love the color so much I’m going to use it again sometime later and see if I still feel this way about the polish.

Kirkland’s Haul!

Quick haul and news to share with you guys! Yesterday Harry and I stumbled upon Kirkland and found they were having really good sales for house decor and furniture!



Got the painting for about 24 bucks on sale! The painting will look absolutely gorgeous with the couch my aunt bought me. The couch is getting custom made though since they had to manufacture the specific color…which is steel blue. So it won’t be coming until September (yikes)! Can’t wait until it comes in!! The accent rug is from Target and I just grabbed it since the color reminded me of green grass (which is lacking here where I live) but I realize the color may not match my whole blue-ish theme going on in my living room. We’ll see I might have to change out the color of the rug…



Next I got this really cute box there. I think this box can be used to put gifts but heck I’m gonna keep it for myself! 🙂 Harry bought this for me to put my nail polish but I may use it for something else…can’t decide yet it’s too cute for me to use! It has a magnetic closure and it’s made of sturdy material.


Try going on Kirkland’s website now to get pretty paintings for discount and other home furniture/decor! 🙂



Bikini So Teeny and Orly Glowstick


For this week’s nails, I decided to try out Orly Glowstick with Essie’s Bikini So Teeny on my hands. I tried to wait and nourish my nails for a bit before I applied nail polish to it again, but I just couldn’t resist! I had this combination in my mind for a while and I had to see.


Orly Glowstick Nail Polish: In this picture, I added Essie’s As Gold As It Gets glitter polish on top of Glowstick to see the effect together. I don’t mind the effect of the combination, but next time I will try the Glowstick color on its own and see which I like better. I don’t a definitive review on the Orly Glowstick nail polish since I only tried it today. However, my first impression is that with two coats this nail polish is a bit streaky. I think the third coat may do the trick but I’ve have to try it more and let you know.


On the other hand, I had honestly forgotten to apply Orly Glowstick so I ended up painting my other hands all blue. Instead, I just added Revlon’s Whimsical on my fourth finger as an accent. I have posted a review of Bikini So Teeny on makeupalley:

I absolutely love the color of this nail polish. I have a large nail polish collection, but it’s one of the colors I use the most especially during the spring/summer. I had my bottle for a year now, so I think I have a good idea of how this polish applies and how it holds up even if you have it for a long time. Like I said, I love the color and the nail polish has a silver invisible shimmer which makes the polish glisten.

HOWEVER, this polish is tricky to apply. One coat, the polish is very streaky. Two coats the polish has smoothed out a bit but there is still a bit of unevenness. Only with three coats do I get the perfect finish. Instead of the polish doing the job for you, you’ve got to make sure you’re applying the polish as evenly as you can. This is why I take off one lippy.

I love pairing this polish with Revlon glitter polish Whimsical to give your nails the look of a shimmery blue waters. However, adding Whimsical on top makes the color change a teeny bit. I also like using this polish and pairing Orly’s glowstick as the accent color on the nails.

P.S. The Essie Shop Till I Drop nail polish lasted a while on my nails. The jelly finish and the color allowed the nail polish to look quite natural even when my nails grew longer. One of the Essie nail polishes I’ve tried that goes on hassle free and I am delighted to have it in my collection.

Getting Ready

Today’s blog will be a short blurb on how I try to look more glowing in the summer time:

Photo on 7-7-13 at 2.49 PM

Start off with a bare face


Conceal under eyes, any blemishes, and uneven skintone. For under eyes I love using The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles in 30 Medium (pictured above). For blemishes I used Revlon PhotoReady concealer in shade medium.


Next set your concealer with powder. I’m using Revlon Nearly Naked in shade Medium at the moment since I moved now and the area where I live is really dry so I don’t need a super matte powder. I bronzed my face with ELF contouring blush and bronzer in St. Lucia and added color to my cheeks using Mac Royal Sunset. I love the combination and the bronzer and blush for a summer glowy look.


Currently, I’m testing out the Milani Shadow Eyez in 03 Champagne Toast. I like using shimmery champagne colors as a base to brighten up the eyes. I applied this close to my lids in a half moon shape. Then I filled in my brows using Clinique Brow Shaper in 05 Charcoaled.


I first used my Naked 2 palette for eye shadow. Using YDK, I applied this to the outer third and the inner third of my eye. Next I used a mixture of Half Baked and Suspect to the middle of my eye. Afterwards I used a matte highlight shade Foxy right under my brow bone. I love using shimmery metallic eyeshadow especially in the summer since it makes your eyes look wet and shimmery.

After eyeshadow I drew a cat eye using Jordana Easyliner for Eyes Retractable Pencil in Black. I am also testing this eyeliner at the moment. I then coated my eyes with Covergirl Lashblast mascara waterproof version.

final step

Using my favorite highlighter from the Kourtney Kardazzle palette, I lightly applied this color to the front of my nose and very tops of my cheeks for added brightness. As for lips, I adore using lipglosses in the summer to give the lips a juicy plumpness. Above I’m using the color Lust from Mac…which is a mauvy browny pink. It’s a my-lips-but-better kind of color for me.


Close up of my eyes and face. Hope this mini-tutorial was amusing/helpful!

P.S. Starting real school tomorrow! :O :O :O


Splurge…Kate Spade purse

So…I need a couple of people’s advice. I went into Marshall’s today just thinking I would look around for house decor. BUT…I ventured into the bag section and spotted this purse:


Leslie Cobble Hill Black PXRU2238

Original price was 428 but I got the purse for 216 dollars in total. Would you consider it a steal or not? Should I keep it? I never bought such a nice purse for myself…all the purses I have were gifts. So I feel bad splurging for myself. However, I do think this was a nice deal and I feel like investing in a nice black purse/ heels is a must.


I would have appreciated more compartments but there are two large zippered sections inside. I also would have loved it more if the purse could also be a crossbody. But otherwise I love the patterns on the inside, the soft cobbled leather on the outside, and the little details on the zipper and the buckle detailed sides of the purse.


The purse has a magnetic close which allows you to wear the purse like the picture above. You don’t have to zip up the purse…and so you can show a peek of the pattern inside when wearing it casually.

As you can tell…I’m trying real hard to rationalize this purchase…but being a med student with loans I need to make sure I don’t go on doing these splurges on a regular or even frequent basis. Should I return it or keep it?