My dog

Look at her running towards me! Wanted to add her photo to this blog : ]


Entry of Pictures

My grandma’s delicious persimmons from our backyard! She peeled the skin off and dried it in the sun. Of course she maintains them by drying them in a netted basket. Most of these persimmons are from my tree. I used to inhale so many persimmons when I was little that they decided to name a tree after me. And it so happens that my tree makes the best persimmons 🙂


My friend Panda and I tried Fuzzy Tacos here in Garland. Not that great though 😦



NOw this place was delicious. Rosa’s Tortilla Factory. Price is reasonable for its portions. I got fajita and Harry got enchiladas. Look how it excited he looks lol


Kimchi fries at a Korean taco place near UT Southwestern

Ooh! Baby birds nestled on our evergreen tree


My attempt to be the next Michelle Phan. Double eyelid tape and fake eyelashes. Not much of a difference eh?

I just wanted to post random I have on my phone…pictures that aren’t that great to post on facebook but are nevertheless memorable to me.


Drawing Blood

Today I went to the Vietnamese health fair to draw blood as a volunteer. I decided to take a Sunday off to do this, because they were in need of phlebotomists. I was there at the fair from 9-5. I did get free pho to eat and the afternoon was a lot less busy. I must have drawn blood for 25-30 people. Some of the people drawing blood were nurses, but most of them were medical students who had just as much experience as I did…which is not much. Albert let me practice on him…which was nice. His veins were nice and juicy so they were pretty easy. The easiest people to draw blood from were younger men. Drawing blood from young women could be difficult…but the most difficult patients where the elderly. I really pray that all of them were all right. I tried to use my manners and smile to ward off any hard feelings they’ll have for me after I draw their blood >.<. Though I haven’t drawn blood in a while, they were very trusting. In some sense, I feel so bad that they were trusting because I’m not sure if I even did that great of a job drawing blood. But everyone needs to start from somewhere right? I realized that the more confident I was, the better I drew the blood. If I missed one, then I missed several in a row. I pray that God would foster in me some confidence…not arrogance that comes from myself but a confidence that comes from trusting in God and His goodness.

Albert and Dr. Son Do seemed to appreciate my help..which is nice cus I was really down for I felt like I could have done a better job.

The good thing is that God gave me this opportunity to encourage and push me in the path I feel that He has chosen for me. And thanks Melissa for letting me volunteer with you 🙂

And this Saturday I made this pretzel knot recipe I found at

Not bad huh? It was pretty easy recipe.



I don’t why I’m so quick to anger…and so petty. Lord please help me to love others just as You love us.



Back at home

This summer has been such a crazy one. I studied for the MCATs, went to Korea, went to work, and formally introduced Harry at home to my family. I miss Emory and the college life very much. Work can be enjoyable but also stressful. I’ve learned how to do PCRs, DNA extraction, Western blotting, cryosectioning, cell culture, registering/taking pictures of organs, and handling mice. Soon I’ll be learning how to use confocal microscopy to see the cryosectioned tissues I believe. Handling mice gives me joy but also sadness. I very much enjoy caring for the mice…giving them food, moving them to new cages, etc. At first my hands started trembling at the prospect of cutting their tail and ears. Now I’m not as scared. However, I still do not look forward to removing their eyes to draw blood. I dissected a mouse this week, but I wasn’t quick enough to remove their hearts when they were still beating. All in all, the benchwork has not been out of my comfort zone. These new techniques I’m learning such as imaging, staining, and handling mice have been a bit more challenging. I’m a little discouraged right now about making slides with the cryostat. I was cranking those tissues embedded in OCT for four hours and I could only get two ok slides. My boss wants me to practice more, but I don’t know how I can possibly “practice” my way to get better. The slides have to be 4 microns thick! 10 microns wasn’t that bad but 4 can be verrryy difficult. The thin tissue piece can easily break or rip. I may have to consult someone else to see how they can expertly do this sort of thing.

I’m so thankful to God though that I got a job when obtaining one can be quite difficult. When I time left from arriving to work early, I usually take out my Bible from the car and start reading. Starting the day with the Lord gives my heart a lot of peace when I feel unconfident and scared about my ability to perform well in my work. God’s grace amazes me every day.

I should be studying to retake my MCATs, but there’s so much I wanted to do when I had free time! Such as karaoking still I croak, watching endless movies, reading novels, completing a puzzle, playing the piano, etc. I should go back in the groove of studying though. Lord help me.