Starting the Black Friday Madness

Hello guys! So one of my goals is to cut back on spending for next year…but for now why not buy up and save some money right? >.<

I just purchased Kate Somerville goat milk cream moisturizer from the Kate Somerville website.


This little booger is 55 dollars original price but right now their website is providing free shipping plus 30% any purchase. So I got the product for 38 dollars. Pretty amazing deal right? I’m hoping this cream can help moisturize my skin…where I live is so dry that my skin doesn’t know what to do…it’s very angry at me right now and I have really red, angry looking pimples :(. No fun.

CVS Haul




There’s a CVS 30% off coupon in the store and in newspapers. Since I live walking distance to one I decided to walk over and get a couple of things. There was a BOGO (buy one get one) free deal for ferrero rocher chocolate at CVS so grabbed those. The other box is not in the picture unfortunately cus my family ate it all up before I could post anything.

I got a detangling comb for home, and then a clear brow gel. I’ve been meaning to purchase one…I think having groomed eyebrows just makes your face look so much more put together. So hopefully this gel will be a great added step to my makeup routine…we will see.

I have been on the hunt for the Style Steel nail polish…which is a pinky rose, light purply, silvery foil. Can’t really describe it but I can tell you it looks beautiful in swatches! Apparently the color is limited edition…and when I saw bloggers wearing it I knew I had to have it. The other color I got is a beautiful gift-wrapper Christmas cherry red color. It has that gift wrapper shine and microglitter that’s not that visible on the nails. I cannot wait to try these. They are so affordable too they were around $5.49.

Finally I purchased a Neutrogena naturals fresh cleansing +makeup remover. I needed something to remove my makeup but didn’t have anything at home so I am going to try this one. Hopefully it’ll not break me out and give me good results! This product was the most expensive…$8.49.

So in total the amount I should have paid is 40 dollars. But with the 30% off and the savings I got for the chocolate I paid 27 dollars. Not bad right? πŸ™‚ I have some other things I want to purchase on black Friday (like gifts for ppl)….I hope I don’t run out of money! :O


Holiday Nails



Yesterday I retried for the 2nd time (yeah I’m bad…some nail polishes I haven’t even tried yet! >.<) Zoya’s nail polish Sarah. For the accent nail I put on Essie’s sugar daddy one coat first then added Sephora’s glittery top coat in Only Gold for Me.

Left to right: Essie’s sugar daddy, Zoya’s nail polish in Sarah, and Sephora’s glitter top coat in “Only Gold for Me”




The color of the red nail polish is beautiful~it’s a glittery metallic jewel toned ruby red with gold microglitter. However, the nail polish barely lasted on my nails! As you can tell from the picture above the nail polish chipped a little bit on me the 2nd day I wore it! 😦 No like.

However, I do enjoy the combination I created with the accent nail. I think I will try doing all my nails in that combination.

But overall I think the whole color scheme and color combo reminds me of Christmas. πŸ˜€ Excited for the holidays!

Kardashian Beauty Face Palette Winter 2013

Hello! So remember back when I told you guys I really enjoyed the Khroma face palettes? Well the Kardashian beauty (they changed the name) came out with palettes again this month so I decided to do some purchasing. I really love the first palette…the blushes/highliter is super pigmented and lasts all day. The eyeshadows are also very pretty (although the matte shades in the palette were terrible). Here are some quick swatches of my haul:

This is Kourtney’s Kardazzle palette



These are swatches without a primer




The purple at the very top of my hand was swatched with a primer underneath…it did make quite a difference.





This 2nd palette is Khloe’s Kardazzle palette




The pigmentation in this palette tops the Kourtney’s palette and my previous Khroma palette. But I’ll have to try both palettes on my eyes before I saw any more. But so far I like! I swatched this without a primer.


The 2nd compartment on both of these palettes have face powders very much like the previous Khroma palettes. Top is Kourtney’s and bottom is Khloe’s





More thoughts on these after I try them on!


Reflections this week

John chapter 19:20-42

When Pontius Pilate posted that sign that read “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews” (verse 19) I wonder whether Pontius Pilate actually believed that Jesus was God; I wonder if Pilate really believed who Jesus really was. I guess he didn’t because he placed on the sign “King of the Jews” when actually he is the King of this world. After all previously in the chapter Jesus told PIlate that he was a King of sorts but he was the King of a kingdom that is to come. It’s probably more like Pilate thought that he was a good man that the Jews are persecuting so he decided to mock them by placing the sign on the cross.

It’s cool to understand the significance of piercing his side and blood and water flowing out. It reminds me how real Jesus’s death was…it was a physical human death. It probably was really easy for God to just leave his body or something and be like…okay I’m not dieing a painful human death. But till the end, Jesus died a brutal human death. 😦 It’s like I was supposed to go through that torture that actually Jesus took all of it. As you have said…it’s hard to understand and be truly grateful of his ressurrection…or for me personally it’s more like I don’t wanna think about it. It’s hard enough for me to see photos and study different pathologies of the body….to think that God our Lord and Savior had to go through torture?? 😦
But I think it’s essential to be mindful of what Jesus had done…the pain and everything…it’s a good way for me to be even more joyful and grateful especially as the holiday seasons are coming up.
Have you recently reflected on the reality of Jesus’s sacrifice? πŸ™‚

Em Night Life Palette Look #2

Hello everyone! Long time no see. Today I wanted to show you a look that I absolutely love using the Nigh Life Palette.

Photo on 11-2-13 at 1.02 PM #2

Maybe this is at a funny angle but I wanted to focus on the eyeshadow color and they way it enhances my brown eyes.

Photo on 11-2-13 at 11.56 AMPhoto on 11-2-13 at 11.57 AM


The eyeshadows on fluorescent light.

mac pinky storm


I used Stormy Pink Mac paint pot as a base

happy hour


Then I mostly used the section Happy Hour for the eyeshadows. After applying Stormy Pink on my main lids I started smoking out my outer lids with a black-dark blue eyeshadow in the section called “midnight”. Then all over my lids I applied “friday night” and used “5 to 7” mainly on the center of my lids for a light sparkly pop of light purple. The light purple also kind of leans greyish which matched my outfit today. The “friday night” is a blueish purple…seems more blue than any other purples I have in my collection. The colors are quite nice and complemented well with my outfit today. Β For a highlight on the tops of my eyebrows I actually used “twinkle twinkle” from “City Glitz” section in the palette. My eye look today in general also matched pretty well with my nail color this week:



It’s a pretty dark lavender color with a blueish greyish undertone. Good in two coats and spreads evenly and easily across the fingers. Highly recommend this Essie nail color.

For my cheeks I used Dolce Vita from my Nars Voulez Vous palette and for the lips I used a Bite lipgloss “2002” from their “15 Shades of Sephora” collection. And for foundation I am currently trying out “YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation.” The foundation doesn’t have the greatest coverage but it does make the skin look healthy and naturally beautiful. I recommend it to those who don’t have too much skin issues. For my mascara I’ve been currently using L’oreal’s telescopic mascara which is pretty good for a drugstore mascara. Great for even my straight stubborn lashes. You can’t layer the mascara too much unfortunately or else the lashes will turn spidery.

Btw don’t you love the sweater I’m wearing? It’s this pretty light grey sweater I got from Forever 21 for 20 bucks or so. I freaking love Forever 21 and their deals on clothes. It’s warm, comfy, and quite flattering on the figure. And it’s a nice color on my skintone. Highly recommend.