Deliver me

” The wicked are trapped by their own words, but the godly escape such trouble. People can get many good things by the words they say; the work of their hands also gives them many benefits” Proverbs 12: 13-14.

I hope that the truth will be revealed. I pray that God will give me confidence and courage to step up and face my own trials and suffering…which He has given to discipline me and help me grow more and more like His image in this sinful world.



Sssh! Tis a secret

Isn’t this cute? It’s Pucca and Garu! I’m making this as an anniversary/ Christmas present for Harry :). He calls me Pucca and I call him Garu…so I thought hey this would be a cute idea! I made this out of crayola clay that air dries. My sister made Garu for me…thus it looks more professionally made.

Garu close up. Pretty accurate right?



Pucca close up! I couldn’t put the classic slanted eyes on her because I tried but she looked really evil.

So this is the frame I made! I’m planning to super glue Pucca and Garu into the frame. I got a plain wooden frame from Michael’s and painted it with acrylic plaint. Too cheesy?? I know I know.