This past weekend I went to the mud and foam fest race in Arlington with a couple of friends and it was SO MuCh FUN!! I was in quite a lot of pain though afterwards because I didn’t sufficiently train myself for the race >.<. There was a three story high foam slide we went through at the end of the race. It was scary but it was reallly fun. We also got a BUNCH of free stuff from the race like a beer glass mug, granolas, free Mike’s lemonade, coconut water, etc.

Today I wanted to talk about my recent empties…or makeup/skin products I’ve used up over the past year? I get a little bit annoyed with current youtube empties videos because I want to see more people use up their makeup products than bath/shower/hair products…But I guess it’s hard since most people keep buying more and more makeup so they can constantly review things.


Starting from the back that black tube is the Mac slimshine lipstick they discontinued several years ago? This was the first Mac product I bought because My convinced to buy some at an outlet store that sold discounted makeup. I did not like these lipsticks unfortunately. They slip and slid all over my lips and this particular one melted like no other although I didn’t even leave it in my car. By the time I tried using it all up some of the product just slid off the lipstick. I will be glad to give that one Back to Mac.

The next lip product there is the Fresh lip balm original. I used it until I couldn’t pull it up any further. I do enjoy this  lip balm but I don’t think it’s hydrating enough for me to use if I need some major lip transformation.

Right next to the lip balm is the Mac defiantly feline liquid eyeliner. I used a couple of these up before too but I didn’t know about the Back to Mac until after I threw them away >.<. This particular shade I absolutely love and that’s why I continue to buy it although I see a bit of flaking by the end of the day. The other con about this products however is that the tube keeps breaking on me after I use them a long time…which causes the eyeliner to dry up faster inside I think? Though it took me I think almost a year to use this particular bottle up.

I used up two mascaras: Maybelline falsies mascara and Benefit bad gal mascara deluxe sample. The maybelline falsies formula was too wet for my taste and didn’t hold my curl. The benefit bad gal seems to hold up my curl just fine for a couple of hours and then they stop curling after that. Both I didn’t particularly love.

My favorite brand for skincare is Aveeno as you can tell from my empties. I’m almost out of another of those Aveeno tinted moisturizers in medium. They are amazing at evening out my skintone and giving my face a luminous glow. I think the soy products in it actually do improve my skin. Next are the Aveeno smart essentials nighttime moisture infusion moisturizer. This I use before I go to bed. Though the smell of it at first I thought was too strong, now I’m so used to the scent I can’t even smell it anymore. After I had used the first jar up so fast I thought I might try different night moisturizers. I’ve tried Kiehls, Origin, etc. but they all broke me out. Aveeno…thank you for making amazing products that work and don’t break me out.

Last two items are powder products. The smasbox palette I had above looked like the current Smashbox fusion soft lights except mine had shades of pink. I did the powder quality was quite nice but this was also one of my first makeup products I’ve received from my aunt and I didn’t know really how to use it. Before I knew it the powder was getting so old they all shattered on me. Next to it is the Rimmel stay matte powder in silky beige. I realized this shade was too light for my skintone but I do enjoy this powder ALOT. It’s one of the few powders that give me great coverage and controls my oil all day. I realized however that the packaging is cheap and the one I have above in the photo didn’t have alot of products compared to the one that I’m currently using. I used the powder really fast and once I hit pan the edges all broke apart and shattered once I dropped it (I also blame it on the cheap packaging :P).

So the products I will keep repurchasing are: Rimmel stay matte powder, Aveeno skin care products, Defiantly feline eyeliner, and maybe the Fresh sugar lip balms.


Cloudy day

Texas is being hormonal again and after couple days of complete hotness it has calmed to a chilly gloomy weather. So the weather has been my inspiration today.

Photo on 4-18-13 at 12.02 PM


Photo on 4-18-13 at 12.11 PM #2


Excuse my baby hairs that never stay in the right place…I’ve tried everything but they don’t stay put D:.

Most of the eye makeup I used was from the Naked 2 palette. The smashbox palette has more warmer shadows so I couldn’t use it today.


First step, apply Maybelline’s color tattoo cream shadow base in Tough as Taupe all over my lid. I shaped the base as an oval around my lid and brought a little bit of the color up to my crease. This look I’m keeping nearer to my eyes not all over my whole lid…a method I think is most flattering on monolids like me. I really enjoy this eyeshadow base especially because it’s matte finish. This and bad to the bronze are my favorites from their cream eyeshadows.

tough as taupe

Using a fluffy brush add tease mainly on the outer most part of my crease and brought a little bit of the color all over my crease. This color is a matte greyish mauvy brown color, which is perfect for the crease area. This is one of my favorite colors in the palette because it’s matte and it’s a color I can use with any eye look.


Using my fingers I applied this beautiful eyeshadow by L’oreal called liquid diamond. The color is a bluish greyish color with sheen and sparkle. I placed the color on the center of my lid and patted it all over the top of the shadow base. These eyeshadows are soft and so easy to blend. These are also one of my favorite drugstore eyeshadows.

liquid diamond


Using my fingers again, I picked up a little bit of this matte black eyeshadow called Blackout. I placed this near the outer edge of my lids and pulled the color toward my eyes. I blended the color using a elf eyeshadow C brush. The black deepens the look and gives a three dimensoinal effect to the eyes.






Lastly, I used Verve in my tear duct and the first third of my lower lash line. I used my fingers to dab this. The color is a pretty metallic silvery color. This color brightened up these eyes and the color matches very well with cooler eyeshadows.



Then I used mostly the same products all over my face as I did previously. The lineur intense eyeliner is sometimes so difficult to use to make the same shape on both of my eyes. 😦 Other than that product I enjoy most of the things I used for this look. On the cheeks I used Sonia Kashuk cream blush called petal using an ELF stippling brush.

This look may be too dramatic for some in the day time but I had fun creating this look. Enjoy!

Today’s Eye of the Day

neutral green liner look


Excuse my very shiny face I’ve been wearing this foundation for 8+ hours


Using the smashbox palette, I made it rather neutral on my lid while adding a pop of color on my bottom lash line. I used the same green eyeshadow I used yesterday, but this time I used the eyeshadow wet. To my surprise the color is drastically more visible and the staying power is a little bit better. I was about to totally trash that eyeshadow but good thing I gave it a second try. In general I felt that the color visibility exponentially increased when I applied the eyeshadows wet.


So I started out using the same gold color I used yesterday and applied this color mostly on the first third of my lids including my inner tear duct area. Any excess I just applied on the rest of my lid.


Next I applied this corally pink shade to other 2/3rd of my lid (from the middle of my eyelid to the corner). I even put some on my crease to give it some warmth. This is a coral color with glitter and sheen to it. This coral shade was bad whether wet or dry. When applied wet it was okay. Next time I would just use my Nars orgasm blush.


I applied this brown color to make an outer V and any excess brown I put it all over my crease using a windshield wiper motion. This is a warmer bronzy brown with a gold sheen to it. This one is pigmented so a little goes a long way.


I applied this cream mostly matte white eyeshadow right under my brows. This one’s pigmented.


Last step, I spritzed my eyeliner brush with some water and dabbed on that dark forest green color. When swatched and when you should first apply it you expect it to be bright forest green but the color ends up being darker on the eyes.

rest of my face

I used these products on the rest of my face. Oh! I forgot to add L’oreal voluminous false lashes mascara to the pile. I really enjoy it and though it smudges on me after a while EVERY mascara smudges on me so it doesn’t bother me. Also I have on L’oreal lineur intense carbon liquid eyeliner with the brush tip applicator. I thought this product sucked at first but actually the trick is to remove any excess liquid before applying it to the eyes. Though it still flakes a little tiniest bit it’s an okay eyeliner. I’m testing out the Covergirl foundation recently because my face is SO OILY right now with Texas heat finally here (not enjoying it TT.TT). And I repurchased my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder in creamy beige since it’s one of the only two powders I have currently that actually mattefies my face for a long time. I used Benefit corralista on my cheeks and the bronze color on the Flower (Drew Barrymore’s brand) cheek duo Gloriously Golden to contour my face. I also contoured my nose using the Maybelline dream smooth mousse foundation in honey beige (my sister had bought it but it was too dark for her skin tone). Works perfectly as a creamy contour color. I used Clinique brow powder to fill my brows. This brow powder sucks…idk if I need to experiment more but right now it sucks. I have the shade charcoaled. Finally for my lips I used Mac’s pink lemonade lipglass and Tread Gently tendertone on the center of my lips. The tendertone peels my lips but when I apply with lipgloss it doesn’t. If it didn’t peel my lips this tendertone is absolutely gorgeous to make my lips look fuller and more sparkly! The Mac lipglass is hard to apply evenly but I smooth it out when I add that tendertone with my finger. The combination is absolutely gorgeous but separately they’re both all-right.

What do you think? Would you copy this look?

Just terrible

Hello everyone! My first day out of work. And what do I want to do? TALK ABOUT BEAUTY! hahaha Especially things that didn’t work out for me. First of all, I wanna just say it’s awful what just happened today in Boston. Hope the affected people will be all right :(.

Anyways today I decided to play around with my smashbox palette. I buy too many eyeshadow palettes without truly utilizing them. My goal this year is to really make use of my smashbox palette and hopefully hit pan on some of the colors if they end up being good. And then maybe I’ll let myself splurge on another eyeshadow palette haha. Plus before I go to medical school I won’t have time to do these frivolous things. This is probably just a phase in my life but why not embrace it when I enjoy it? 🙂

This is a palette I got I believe about two years ago for Christmas from my sister. Unfortunately I didn’t get this tip until after I bought it, but the palette isn’t the greatest quality from them since it was made in China. No offense to the Chinese products…but the Smashbox makeup made in USA are a lot better.

I chose to test out the dark green eyeshadow on the bottom along with the gold eyeshadow directly diagonal to the green on the right.


photo-7 photo-8 photo-6

The color looks beautiful here but actually it took me forever to make the green pop! The color looks muddy once you initially apply it and then almost all of the color fades away once you try to blend it. The green color is a matte color with little glitters. It is very chalky and hard to blend as well. I will never touch that eyeshadow again…I mean once you apply eyeshadow you  don’t want something that looks horrendous an hour later. The gold eyeshadow however wasn’t too bad but I had to really pack that color to make the gold show up on my skin as well. I’ll probably continue to use that gold until it disappears but it’s not the greatest quality eyeshadow. The gold is a metallic finish.

My favorites from this palette is the lipglossy lipstick and the blushes. The eyeliner smudges on me and the eyeshadows are hit and miss. Let’s see what other looks I can come up with in this palette.


It is finally here~ springtime! I am currently on my way of doing some spring cleaning…it will be my ultimate project once I’m done with work (which is next week! :D). But for now I wanted to update you all since I haven’t written in this blog in a long, long time. Right now I wanted to say a quick hello. And also a random fact about me I just found out about myself: I am allergic to mice, rats, and cats. I tried to volunteer at a cat shelter to clean the cat cages but I can’t stop sneezing after coming out of that place! My hands started getting itchy too TT.TT. They are so so adorable I’ve always wanted a cat but I suppose cats and I were not meant to be. 😦