Expanding my horizon

Recently I got a fortunate cookie that read something like “Explore new opportunities so that you can expand your horizon.” So here I am trying to figure out what that means for me. As I look back at the past year, there were changes that should have been made. For example, I’m currently visiting a Chinese church…and though I’m still getting to know the people…I feel like I’ve had more intentional and more God-centered fellowship than I’ve ever had at the other church. Only when I ventured out and took that uncertain step I realized “ah…this is what I’ve been missing!” Strangely though, in my heart I am very sad that I’ll be leaving the other church. I don’t regret investing my time with the people there…and they will still be my brothers and sisters in Christ. And I still hope and pray for a day when more and more churches will consist of people from all different cultures. Wouldn’t that be so amazing and countercultural?  For example, the previous church I went to had a Spanish ministry and English ministry. Though they were considered the same church, the Spanish ministry seemed actually like a completely different church just located next door to ours. I mean it may be difficult for them to always have combined worship, but I think it would be nice if at least the young people from English and Spanish all came together once a month and met to embrace each other as one body of Christ. Anyways though that church had some room for improvement there were also so much I’ve learned and appreciated from that church. For example, I realized that the church is super generous. Made me rethink of how I give especially financially to God and His ministry.

Anyways some other changes I’m thinking of going for is: volunteering opportunities and new pole dancing?? Haha yes I’ll be visiting a pole dancing fitness gym with my friend this Thursday. We’ll see how THAT goes…

For volunteering, maybe a cat cage cleaner at my local Petsmart? Haha…idk though since I MAY be allergic to cats.


I’m back!

Hey blog! I’m back here inspired to write again after some gentle prodding from my friends :). I’m been anticipating this new year for a veryyy long time. After all, this will be the year I’ll start my first year of medical school! The thought makes me nervous and excited at the same time. This will also be a year when I can finally be done with research…at least for a while. It’s really really bad because I am so antsy at work…I’m ready for my next chapter in life. But God scolds me again and again with love that I need to remain there at work to be his salt and light to people there…even if it becomes difficult. Please pray for me guys that I will work diligently with the time I have left at work even if it gets unbearable!!

On a lighter note, I have some random photos I like to share about my trip to California/ Vegas this past Christmas. The trip was wonderful! The most memorable part of it was just having time to spend with Harry and his family. Can’t deny though the adventures Harry and I had this time were pretty awesome!

Las Vegas-20121229-00940

On our trip to Vegas, we visited a crawfish place that the Man vs Food guy visited. The place is called Hot n’ Juicy.


In my experience, the crawfish here was actually the worst I’ve tried. Strange because it got pretty good review on yelp. I think it was because Harry and I got very mild sauce with frozen crawfish instead of fresh ones. So unfortunately this place was a miss for me. In general, I found that not a lot of Californian restaurants WOWed me like I thought they would. Maybe I had too much expectation.

Central Coast-20130104-01096

Beach near Newport…wondderrrfulll beach. One of my top favorite beaches to visit!

Los Angeles-20130103-01080

These guys were jamming away in Sunset Boulevard. They were pretty good! Lots of ppl crowded to get a picture of them.


This is a shirt I got for free after we visited George Wallace’s stand up comedy show. He was pretty funny. Unexpectedly, he said, “Why don’t you come up here pretty little lady?”…and looked straight at me. And in my startledness I stammered and said, “…Me?”. And he was like, “Yes you! What you blind or something??” After going in front of the whole audience, he continued to make fun of me for at least ten minutes on the stage. It was a friendly making-fun-of session though. He initially made fun of me for slightly bowing when taking his hand up on the stage. Hahaha I’m so silly I was just so thrilled that he would call me up on the stage. No actually the first thing he said was “Turn your jiggly ass around girl so only I can see it.” AAAaaahh i was so embarrassed >.<. Harry told me that yes my butt was in fact jiggling when I went up the stage. I decided that day that I am gonna have to do some maaajor dieting/ exercise to get my butt in shape TT.TT. I also remember him saying “I would like to cover you like black asphalt!” or something like that (prolly killing the joke here). The jokes for me were slightly uncomfortable for me cus they’re all jokes with a bit of sexual innuendo…but hey! At least I got a free t-shirt with his signature on it :). And I liked him because George seemed rooted to Christian values; he mentioned jokes about black churches several times. And for the first time, through his comedic show, I heard the black national anthem. Overall, I would rate my experience at his show: A! Another show Harry and I went to was “Ka” a cirque du soleil show. That one wasn’t too impressive for me personally…it was more special effects that artistic and skilled acrobatics. I’ve seen better acrobatic skills from Chinese people when I visited Korea. Harry and I got a nice frontish row seating for the show though so the special effects were more awesome. I would rate “Ka” as okay…I think I would recommend “Zumanity” more than “Ka”.


“Ka” inside the theater

I miss all the fun and adventures we had…and I hope that Harry and I can continue to show godly love to each other through the good times AND the bad. Please continue to pray for us this year as Harry is considering moving to Texas so that we’d be a step closer to getting potentially married!

What did I get for Christmas from Harry you ask? well other than taking me to vegas and all around California (haha) he got me these lipsticks:


This is a deep red matte color called “Deeply adored.” The other color he got me was “Charmed I’m Sure” which is my favorite! When he had visited Texas, I asked him if he could get me those lipsticks. But even when he went to the store the first day in the morning, they were already all sold out! Lo and behold these customers buy them at MAC and sell the products in online auctions to get more money out of em. So Harry, determined to get these lipsticks for me, bought these in auction for a gargantuan amount. I feel bad, because I didn’t want it THAT bad that he had to spend alot …but I’m grateful for the time he dedicated to find these for me :). The more I try MAC lipsticks…the more I really like them! When I try to find cheaper lipsticks in the drugstore…they ALL make my lips peel! Even lip balms make my lips peel! (Ex: Maybelline’s Baby lips) So I’m very very pleased with these lipsticks. I plan on even keeping the tube after I’ve used all of them since it’s a special present from Harry.


Christmas present from my dearest bestie Melissa! This was an awesome read!! Couldn’t put it down. Though like most romantic books there were moments when I felt the cheese or overdramatic feeling…but they were thankfully very rare in this book since the plot focuses not just on the relationship but their relationship with loved ones and most importantly God. The story was as beautiful and filled with stories of grace and redemption as Les Miserables!

“She thought she had been saved by his love for her, and in part she had been. It had cleansed her, never casting blame. But that had been only the beginning. It was loving him in return that had brought her up out of the darkness.”

Though the author describes the protagonist’s (name Sarah) love for her husband (Michael) at the end of the story, this sentence can also mean how much she changed when she also begin to love God back! Loving others rather than being loved can sometimes be more of a blessing unto oneself!

“There are many who struggle to survive in life, many who have been used and abused in the name of love, many who have been sacrificed on the altars of pleasure and “freedom.” But the freedom the world offers is, in reality, false. Too many have awakened one day to discover they are in bondage, and they have no idea how to escape. It is for people such as these that I wrote Redeeming Love- people who fight, as I did, to be their own gods, only to find in the end that they are lost, desperate, and terribly alone. I want to bring the truth to those trapped in lies and darkness, to tell them that God is there, He is real, and He loves them- no matter what.” -from the author’s testimoney at the end of the book

Speaking of beautiful testimonies, here’s one I unexpectedly found when I was bored and looking for beauty youtube videos to watch! I watched this twice, and each time it made me cry.

Hope you guys can find your prince charming…man of honor and character…and most importantly a man after God’s own heart :).

Now for randoms:


Baked pork chops I made for my family yesterday. Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/baked-pork-chops-i/

It was okay….I think I usually end up not liking anything I cook. But honestly I love the way Taiwanese ppl cook their pork chops. So good! Maybe I can find a recipe someday.

Random beauty loves:


Wow I am lovvvinng layla nail polishes! They don’t chip easily and the colors are all stunning! Check them out



Favorite scent of the moment. I initially started out with the body gel and ended up with the lotion and the perfume. Sweet scent with a little bit of muskiness to it (not too much!). Perfect for winter!


I bought this thing mainly for the packaging >.<. When applied the color looks doll pink with a sheen. When I see it in sunlight, the blush is pretty glittery… So anyone who’s super oily this blush may not be good since it may look to sheeny…making you look more oily. And for my skintone…the color isn’t too visible unless I apply at least two times….which can be good since I can just carelessly pat it over my cheeks without worrying about it being too bright. In the end, you won’t miss out if you don’t buy it but I would still repurchase it.

Anyways gotta go I always end my blogs in a rush but I love you and I hope to post here more and more often! 🙂

Btw…can you guys tell I’m in a very Valentine’s mood already?? Heart shaped blush, pink perfume, pink nail polish… :D.