I have a couple of stressors that I want to pray about:

1) Back in January, I was going to go to Ski Apache to ski. However after I heard from other people how terrible the conditions were, I found out that they lied in their website. On their website they claimed that it was snowy but in reality the people who actually visited said it was icy and quite dangerous to ski. So I disputed with my bank to get a refund back. However now the ski place sent us a rebuttal saying how the dispute is not valid. It’s kind of stressing me out…hopefully I can work out something with my bank tomorrow. I’m sure everybody who turns to an adult deals with crooks but I’m just really hoping justice will win in this case.

2) My mom enrolled in obamacare but it is kind of frustrating having to deal with the system. I just hope this Obamacare does do some good to my mom and the American people.

3) I need to lose weight. I’m not even asking for much…I’m just trying to go back to my college weight which is 3-5 pounds away. And yet it’s been so hard! 5 pounds is seriously all I ask  for.



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