Food Diaries #1

Hello! I’m going to start a new blog post of what I exactly eat during a day or maybe even a week. I always forget to take pictures of food that don’t seem as exciting to me…so it will take me a while for me to even get a hang of this. This one will focus on what I’ve been drinking frequently in the mornings…Kale Smoothie!


Requires: Nutribullet or some sort of blender

My portions are for the size of a nutribullet (one tall cup such as the one seen above)…so perhaps 2 cups?

Jean’s Green Kale Smoothie:

two large scoops of greek yogurt (honey flavored…try Greek Gods they’re absolutely delicious! tastes like ice cream), destemmed kale leaves (i usually put 3 or 4), banana, strawberry (or any sweet fruits you have on hand), and soy milk. Blend until smooth.

It’s a great way to add greens to my diet when sometimes it gets so busy to cook!

My guilty pleasure meal yesterday:


mmm…Tapas…so so good. Grilled asparagus and honeyed dates wrapped in bacon and pecans. My bf and I also had couple other plates and 3 glasses of sangria each :O. We pigged out like none other…but it’s okay as long as you balance it out right? hehe…

I’m flying off back home today! I’m doing this blog in the airport~ excited to eat good Asian food O.O



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