Flower Beauty Eyeshadow Quad in Foxy Browns

Hello lovelies! I decided to do a quick review on a small eyeshadow palette/quad from Flower Beauty (brand by Drew Barrymore). It’s called Foxy Browns:



Excuse the little black dot on the exterior of the eyeshadow quad near the pink eyeshadow…The outside cover had a little smudge on it. As you can see from the packaging the quad was no mirror which is slightly disappointing but not a big deal. The packaging is cute at least.


Swatches in natural light


Swatches in my bathroom light. As you can see even from the swatches, the shadows are a bit disappointing. Although they feel pretty smooth when I run my fingers over the actual shadows, they swatch a little crumbly when I smooth them over the back of my hands. Mind you these swatches are without a primer underneath.

Photo on 3-2-14 at 12.51 PM #2Photo on 3-2-14 at 12.51 PM

The positives are that the darker shadows (warm brown and chocolate brown) in this quad are pretty good staying power. Even when I swatched them on hands and took it off with a Kleenex 15 seconds later I see that my hands still have the darker shadows there (although obviously faded since I wiped it off).

The quad gives a very natural looking eye look. I added the pink (top left) all over lid and under the brow. I then mixed the gray and the warm brown (both on right side of the quad) on the outer third of the lid. Last I added the darkest shade (bottom left of quad) on my outer v just every so slightly. You can make it more an evening look by adding more of the darkest color on the outer v. So I guess another positive can be that this quad is versatile…it can be used both for daytime and at night. It is also good that you can get an eyelook just by using the quad…you don’t need additional shadows. Lastly, the eyeshadows are overall sheer (except the darkest color) that even if you accidentally put too much of the darker colors you can mostly sheer it out.

However, I feel like the quality of the shadows are just…meh. The pink needs to be applied several times during the blending process since it tends to just brush away even when used with a primer. The grey also just brushes away after you apply it on the lids. Both the shadows are pretty disappointing. The warm brown and the darkest chocolate brown color are little better. After hours of wear…they’re the only ones still left on my eyes. Still…I didn’t pay for a quad to only have two of the eyeshadows work out of the four. Plus I have several neutral palettes so I can tell this quad will not be getting much love. I would give the product a thumbs down and would not really recommend it to anybody. Maybe if you were new to makeup and you need something to just experiment and give you a natural look?

Hope this helps!

P.S. I’m so excited that spring is here! Just had a medical formal yesterday and it was great! I am hoping to show my makeup/outfit from the event sometime…hopefully when I have more time haha.


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