DuWop eyeshadow trio

Hello everyone! I finished my tests yesterday and I’ve been practicing vegging out and having fun. It’s been pretty awesome. And I feel pretty good about the test but we’ll see. Thank you Jesus for helping me maintain focus.

The first priority I should have is to clean around the apartment but I don’t feel like it. Instead I wanted to post up something I bought quite recently from Dillards…an eyeshadow trio from a company called “Duwop” I believe? I was curious to try it since all their products were 50% off (apparently they are going out of business). The trio is called “lava.”:

IMG_2237 IMG_2238 IMG_2239


As you can see the cranberry and the gold color have excellent color payoff. Unfortunately the pink doesn’t come off that pigmented but when I applied it wet and with a primer the color came off to be a rosy pink color. The cranberry and the gold are especially buttery and smooth. They were absolutely great quality. The pink was not as buttery but it was still soft. The combination of these colors were absolutely gorgeous on the lids. If you want a rose gold color effect on your eyes you will love this:

Photo on 2-20-14 at 4.08 PM

Photo on 2-20-14 at 4.07 PM


I don’t know how to take a pic of my face w/o looking awkward haha. But let’s focus on the eyes shall we?

I put the pink all over the lids, gold color in the inner 1/3 of my lids. And the cranberry color on the crease. To really complete the look, I added a dark brown color on my outer v. The dark brown and cranberry on the crease looks really pretty.

So Pros of the eyeshadows: color pigmentation (for two of em), soft and smooth texture, the combination/ selection of the colors in the trio. And though it’s a “metallic” eyeshadow trio I don’t think it’s so metallic that it makes my eyes look scaly (which Urban Decay eyeshadows can do to me sometimes).

Cons: I need to bring in another eyeshadow because it doesn’t have a darker eyeshadow to really complete the look. And though I got this eyeshadow trio on sale, the normal price of these are $24. And I don’t think it’s worth 24 dollars. I bought it at 12 dollars and I think this is a more accurate price for this product (especially since one of the eyeshadows don’t work as well).

Overall I’m obsessed with this eye look! I may go back to Dillards and get the other trios. 🙂


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