Maybelline Eye Studio Autumn Dream Limited Edition 2013

Hey guys! I’m back to review a certain eyeshadow quad that Maybelline came out with last year during the fall season called Autumn Dream. I wasn’t planning on doing a review on this item but recently I saw someone commenting on Beauty Broadcast’s youtube channel stating that she purchased this on ebay just to achieve the look that Emily came up with:

And I just wanted to put my review out there so people will think twice before making this purchase!

IMG_2182 IMG_2181

Unfortunately this eyeshadow quad did not work out for me. The shadows don’t feel very soft (especially the purple and blue) and they swatch very poorly in the back of the hands. When you swipe them on your hands, the purple shadow does NOT glide on like butter…it feels more crumbly. And the dark blue is so dry and chalky it’s hard to swipe it. White shade is super sparkly and can cause fall out if not careful. Purple is workable on your eyes (blends okay). The green may look deceivingly good on swatch but on the eyes it doesn’t blend well and it may look patchy even with a primer. You may have to reapply the green and purple several times as main lid color since the color just disappears even with little blending. The dark blue works terribly as crease color since it’s hard to blend…may work in the outer v. All of these eyeshadows do better wet.

Photo on 2-3-14 at 4.52 PM

This is me with green as main lid color, purple as crease color, and dark blue in outer v. Also added bit of the dark blue as liner under my eyes. Notice the muddy appearance of the green? Not very flattering at all.

Photo on 2-3-14 at 6.15 PM #2

I quickly patted with my fingers a green from my Smashbox Mega wondervision palette. See that difference?? I barely had to had any shadow to my eyes for that vibrancy UNLIKE the maybelline eyeshadows.

Photo on 1-12-14 at 10.34 AM Photo on 1-12-14 at 10.35 AM

This is a 2nd look I created using purple as main lid color, dark blue as crease color, and green as the liner color on my lower lash line. Though it was I think a little more successful than the previous combination…the purple was a little too dark for all over lid color (especially during the daytime). It was quite difficult to place the perfect amount so that I don’t look like I have a bruised eye…or look like a hooker.

That’s another thing…I’m not sure if these colors all work together in a nice and versatile way. Purple and blue by the end of the day made me look like a had a bruised eye. The green looked muddy by the end of the day. I’m curious to see though how these looks will turn out if I use the same colors but just a different brand of eyeshadows.
I do enjoy the color combination they presented here…but it’s not a look you can pull off during the day time. Overall I would not repurchase this item.


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