Starting the Black Friday Madness

Hello guys! So one of my goals is to cut back on spending for next year…but for now why not buy up and save some money right? >.<

I just purchased Kate Somerville goat milk cream moisturizer from the Kate Somerville website.


This little booger is 55 dollars original price but right now their website is providing free shipping plus 30% any purchase. So I got the product for 38 dollars. Pretty amazing deal right? I’m hoping this cream can help moisturize my skin…where I live is so dry that my skin doesn’t know what to do…it’s very angry at me right now and I have really red, angry looking pimples :(. No fun.

CVS Haul




There’s a CVS 30% off coupon in the store and in newspapers. Since I live walking distance to one I decided to walk over and get a couple of things. There was a BOGO (buy one get one) free deal for ferrero rocher chocolate at CVS so grabbed those. The other box is not in the picture unfortunately cus my family ate it all up before I could post anything.

I got a detangling comb for home, and then a clear brow gel. I’ve been meaning to purchase one…I think having groomed eyebrows just makes your face look so much more put together. So hopefully this gel will be a great added step to my makeup routine…we will see.

I have been on the hunt for the Style Steel nail polish…which is a pinky rose, light purply, silvery foil. Can’t really describe it but I can tell you it looks beautiful in swatches! Apparently the color is limited edition…and when I saw bloggers wearing it I knew I had to have it. The other color I got is a beautiful gift-wrapper Christmas cherry red color. It has that gift wrapper shine and microglitter that’s not that visible on the nails. I cannot wait to try these. They are so affordable too they were around $5.49.

Finally I purchased a Neutrogena naturals fresh cleansing +makeup remover. I needed something to remove my makeup but didn’t have anything at home so I am going to try this one. Hopefully it’ll not break me out and give me good results! This product was the most expensive…$8.49.

So in total the amount I should have paid is 40 dollars. But with the 30% off and the savings I got for the chocolate I paid 27 dollars. Not bad right? đŸ™‚ I have some other things I want to purchase on black Friday (like gifts for ppl)….I hope I don’t run out of money! :O


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