Reflections this week

John chapter 19:20-42

When Pontius Pilate posted that sign that read “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews” (verse 19) I wonder whether Pontius Pilate actually believed that Jesus was God; I wonder if Pilate really believed who Jesus really was. I guess he didn’t because he placed on the sign “King of the Jews” when actually he is the King of this world. After all previously in the chapter Jesus told PIlate that he was a King of sorts but he was the King of a kingdom that is to come. It’s probably more like Pilate thought that he was a good man that the Jews are persecuting so he decided to mock them by placing the sign on the cross.

It’s cool to understand the significance of piercing his side and blood and water flowing out. It reminds me how real Jesus’s death was…it was a physical human death. It probably was really easy for God to just leave his body or something and be like…okay I’m not dieing a painful human death. But till the end, Jesus died a brutal human death. 😦 It’s like I was supposed to go through that torture that actually Jesus took all of it. As you have said…it’s hard to understand and be truly grateful of his ressurrection…or for me personally it’s more like I don’t wanna think about it. It’s hard enough for me to see photos and study different pathologies of the body….to think that God our Lord and Savior had to go through torture?? 😦
But I think it’s essential to be mindful of what Jesus had done…the pain and everything…it’s a good way for me to be even more joyful and grateful especially as the holiday seasons are coming up.
Have you recently reflected on the reality of Jesus’s sacrifice? 🙂

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