Em Michelle Phan cosmetics

So after my first exam, I decided to go a little overboard and treat myself with some makeup! 😛 This is a little crazy purchase for me though. I decided to get it as a big “I appreciate you” to Michelle Phan. So far I have yet to try it on my face but I have some pictures and swatches. I purchased the Night Life palette and it went for total of 75 bucks! :O Yeah it’s crazzy expensive I’ll tell you right off the bat! Do I think it’s worth it? Let’s see the swatches and then judge.


whole palette


I put a red box around the area I will be swatching today.

A lot of people had issues with the packaging…they thought it looks cheap and like a toy. I think maybe it was her inspiration from her artsy side…since it looks like an art palette artists use. But the packaging could have been a little more luxurious looking…especially if I’m going to spend freaking 75 dollars. The outside box that packaged this palette was pretty…


But…I’m most likely throwing that away. I mean what use is an outside box??

mirror light

This is the Look 4: Dinner at Eight quadrant (lower right).

My thoughts so far? So I haven’t even tried it so I can’t say much about the quality although when I swatched them they generally were soft and not too difficult (although a couple were a bit powdery). The colors were pretty pigmented.

What I DO want to say is…THE PRICE IS RIDICULOUS! I thought I might even compare this with the largest makeup palette I have…which is a Smashbox palette. The smashbox palette I currently own (which includes 45 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, 2 highlights,1 bronzer, 6 lipglosses, and 9 gel eyeliners) has DOUBLE the amount of makeup compared to this palette (in grams) and the smashbox was HALF the price.

Upon closer inspection, here are the differences b/w the two: Smashbox one was made in China whereas Michelle’s was made in Canada. I didn’t look two closely at the ingredients b/w them since the smashbox palette doesn’t say. The smashbox palette has some misses in terms of eyeshadows and the eyeliners for me. But there are some great hits too! I can’t say too much about the overall EM palette yet but just by swatching couple of the shades for 75 dollars I would expect every single one of the items to be excellent (glide on butter smooth eyeshadows) and luxurious. I can’t really say that it is.

Overall, I think she should cut back on some areas of her line so she can make her makeup line more reasonably priced: 1) don’t hire a bunch of people to do tutorials on the website for the makeup…they weren’t that helpful unless Michelle did them 2) We don’t need a pretty box that encloses the makeup~ that’s really a waste of money. Even these I don’t think were the reasons why the price was so expensive…it is just simply overpriced.

If she is going to continue on with this pricetag for her line…they better improve the quality of the palette. Make the eyeshadows as nice as Dior’s or something.


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