Yay! Finally some down time…makeup tutorial!

Hello guys!

I finally get to relax this weekend since I just had an exam yesterday. I passed but I need to do better for the next test since I heard it only gets harder. So although I was considering back home this weekend…I decided not to since I probably want to get a good early start on my school work for the next unit. BUT with this time I decided to do another step by step tutorial inspired by this lady’s look:

I loved the eye look she was able to achieve and I decided to improvise it to look good for my eye shape. Other than the one item the rest of the eye shadows were from my Smashbox palette.

mac pinky storm

I just purchased this online at Mac, and it’s a beautiful greyish pinkish mauvish color. I applied this color as a base on my lids.


I applied some purple eye liner earlier so I decided to just add the base and smudge the two colors together.






Next my favorite highlighter shade. I used a tiny little Ecotools brush to highlight my inner corners and the inner third of my eyes.

purply mauve sparkle


I applied the rosy mauve sparkly shade on the left as my main lid color. This is a new favorite inside the smashbox palette!  I used my favorite shade brush from Ecotools to pat on the color. The vanilla sparkly shade on the right I used to highlight my brow bone.



sparkly bronze

I applied this bronze shade on my crease to warm up my eyes and blend the pinky purple


dark purple


I applied this dark burgundy purple to my outer V to deepen up the color.



I love this Elf C brush to use for my outer V.


I used this black eyeshadow with glitter on my eyes to kind of softly outline my eyeliner and make the eyeliner look less harsh. I used a regular eyebrow brush to apply it.





To brighten my eyes a little further I used a peach sparkly eyeshadow on the center of my lids and with my finger patted it in.



Last but not least I used my Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner in nude to brighten my eyes further. This stuff is awesome. Most eyeliner pencils smudge on me especially if I put it in the waterline but this one doesn’t. 🙂

And this is my final look

Photo on 9-6-13 at 4.36 PM #3


I hope this helps and thanks for reading! 🙂




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