Bye bye summer! Hello fall!

Hello guys!
It has recently been pretty chilly in the mornings here where I live…and it’s an unwanted reminder that fall is coming soon. I do enjoy fall, but I love the warmth of summers and the longer days :T. I do have crispy scents and cute fall fashion to look forward to I guess. But before summer is really really over, I wanted to share with you guys my top favorite blushes I wore this year during the summer.

usmmer blush

Top L to R: Benefit’s Bella Bamba and Physician’s Formula Glow and Mood boosting blush in Warm

Bottom L to R: Tarte Blissful and Mac Royal Sunset

summer blush 1

L to R: Mac’s Royal Sunset, PF’s Warm, Tarte’s Blissful, and Benefit’s Bella Bamba

1st pick: Mac Royal Sunset: this color has been my absolute go-to for blush this summer. Though it looks unflattering on my skintone in a swatch, on my cheeks they make me look glowy. The way it naturally flushes my cheeks makes me think I’ve gone out in the sun. Since it’s a bit light for my skintone however, I do have to apply it twice for it to really show up on my skin. But even when it does the color and the application of it makes it look so natural that I love it since orange-corally color can be unnatural looking if it’s too pigmented on the cheeks. The blush is finely milled and has a slight sheen when applied to the cheeks. My one Mac blush I own and I love it! Lasts a decent amount of time: 6 hours

2nd pick: Benefit’s bella bamba. I love the sparkle it gives to my cheeks; it’s the only Benefit blush that’ll actually show up on my skintone. This was my go-to color for my cheeks in the summer last year. The watermelon-y or grapefruit like color of this blush automatically makes me think of summer and so I grab for it more often when it’s warm and sunshiny. lasts around 6 hours

3rd pick: Tarte’s Blissful

Tarte blushes are so trusty since they’re so finely milled and pigmented that they blend into the skin so easily. As you can even see in the swatch, Tarte’s blush glides onto my skin the best. I love this orangey coral matte blush for the summer. (I love orange coral blush for summer in general). This blush has the longest staying power:  6-8 hours. The only thing I need to be careful about with this blush is that since it’s pigmented I need to make sure I apply it in good lighting.

4th pick: PF’s Warm blush

This is a recent buy for me, and so maybe I haven’t used it that often. But when I do I do love the orange coral color with the tiny bits of sparkle (very tiny). Gives a nice glowy sheen to my cheeks. 6 hours of wear. Love the blush design (hearts with different colors). I think this may be one of my favorite drug store blushes. I definitely like this better than PF’s blush in Pink.

Edit!: I tried the PF’s warm blush again the other day and I found it to be actually very long lasting. I would say it’s a great dupe for the Tarte blush except PF’s Warm is shimmery whereas Tarte’s Blissful is matte. Also I do feel like Tarte blends slighly better since it really infuses into the skin since it’s so finely milled. But otherwise I would say PF’s seriously one of my favorite drugstore blushes!

Besides Royal Sunset, the rest of the blushes are permanent and available in either drugstores or Sephora/Ulta. And now I need to find some good blushes for the fall. Hope this helped!


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