Vested Interest Essie Fall 2013

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written here…partly due to the fact that I had a stomach flu. Apologies! Today I wanted to feature an exciting nail polish collection…Essie’s Fall Nail Collection 2013 For the Twill of It

I bought two of the colors and today I will be featuring the color Vested Interest. On the bottle it looks as if it’ll be a darker dull teal but on my nails it looks more dark blue green. It’s a cream finish and it looks gorgeous with two coats.

vested interest

My top coat is what messed up my nails a little bit. I’m halfway on my sally hansen insta dry topcoat and it’s all goopy and hard to use! I was annoyed and purchased Revlon Top Coat instead. Hopefully it’ll work better.

Anyways back to the Essie nail polish. I absolutely love the application…so easy and the color has no streaks in two coats.


I think I’m currently attracted to these dark or dull teal colors since it’s the main color theme in my apartment. I like how it makes my hands look fairer.

The only thing I don’t like is the color on the bottle wasn’t true to the color you see on the nails. Otherwise one of the best Essie nail polish formulation and color I have. Love!


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