Essie Ballet Slippers- Thumbs Down

Hello everyone! This past week was the first real week of medical school. The amount of information we are given is much more than I’ve ever had in college…and I heard it only gets worse. Let’s hope I can keep up with my workload. If it gets worse I probably will need to stop this blog and continue maybe using this as a journal? To process what I’m learning in med school…and to relieve some stress. But for now I present to you more beauty material!

So in my inspiration to do this review was because of medical school actually. Now that I have clinical sessions every week we are not allowed to wear colored nail polish :(. I guess I’ll have to use most of my nail polish on my toes…>.<.

Anyways this week, I decided to wear Ballet Slipper this week since it’s a neutral color. Boy it was a mistake! I forgot how streaky this color was! :O


Only with three coats was this nail polish wearable…otherwise the streaks were very very visible and quite awful to see.


I think the color looks all right on my skin tone…in some lighting it doesn’t look the most flattering look but in general it gives my hands a nice tanned and clean look. . I would describe the color milky white with maybe a slight hint of pink. The color is true to the bottle. However, you have to be REALLY careful applying this nail polish. The formula is so thin it’s hard to apply without streaking. I would not recommend this polish to anyone, and I don’t even know what to do with this one I have since I don’t like it.

EDIT: I am editing this at 3/22/2014. I realize that although 3 coats is the minimum amount you need to make this polish look good on the nails, I now give this product a THUMBS UP. I do love how the color makes my hands look clean and polished. The color matches with any outfit. Additionally even without a top coat this nail polish lasts FOREVER on the nails with three coats. For this reason I change my mind and I think I may continue using this more and more!


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