Busy bee! Nars palette

Yesterday was the first time we cut our cadaver! So cool yet so sad at the same time. I hope our cadaver is looking at us from above and feeling good that he gave his body for the health and well-being of others. I was pretty startled at first because when we were first introduced to him we saw his body and face! I had heard from my friends that they usually cover the face up until later. Oh well at least the initial shock is over. I also liked how our school divided us up into colleges and told us to describe how we feel about the process so we can let our feelings out.

And now that we’re actually starting real school I haven’t been able to blog here although I wanted to. So much reading and homework! I guess I can blog for a little bit while I rest from my studies.


I know…another makeup product I splurged on. Why? Well this palette is $59 and the cheek powders are the same size as their full sized blush for 29 dollars. I essentially paid for the eyeshadows a dollar. Plus I was dying to try LHASA and Deep Throat…so I thought this was the perfect opportunity! Love grabbing value sets.


nars swatch

From L to R: Deep throat (peachy light pink with shimmer), Dolce Vita (warm tomato red with a hint of brown?), LHASA (bluish grey with a hint of purple and shimmer), Rangoun (dark chocolate blackish brown with shimmer), on the top Antananarivo (matte light tan/brown), and Molokai (cream yellowy white with shimmer).


nars palette look

On the cheeks: Deep Throat, eyes: LHASA as main lid color, Antananarivo at the crease to give warmth, molokai to highlight inner corner and top of my eyebrow, and Rangoun to deepen my outer V.

On my lips I have on Milani Fruit Punch lipstick with Mac Lust lipglass over top of it.

Overall, I think this was a great snag for me since I hardly purchased any NARS products since they’re always so expensive. I do enjoy the blushes and the eyeshadows. They are all quite pigmented and easy to blend. Even though you think Deep Throat is a light color it actually is quite pigmented so use a light hand at first! Also I enjoy it because I think I’ll be able to make a couple different looks on the eyes with these colors.  However, if this palette was just the eyeshadows I think I would pass…they’re not all that soft or uniquely colored (except maybe LHASA…and the highlight shade Molokai is quite pretty). This is an exclusive palette from Nordstrom and it can be purchased there.

Hope this helps your purchase!


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