House Haul #2

I went to a local mall the other day and found once again some cool decor for my house! It was a sketchy looking store called Outlet Decorations and they had 93% sale prices…which honestly is ridiculous.


This is my absolute favorite find out of all the paintings. I absolutely adore this style of painting. I’m not well versed in the arts so I looked up this painting and found that the artist’s name is Alphonse Mucha…a Czech painter and decorative artist. I got this painting for about 10 bucks! Can you believe it?? I love Mucha’s paintings and also Klimt The Kiss

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 9.37.55 PM

Alas this painting obviously can’t be found at a cheap outlet store. Anyways there’s something about both their styles that I am drawn to…perhaps it’s the modern yet Renaissance-like combination? I’m planning to place that Mucha painting right above my green accent rug in the living room.


This is the second find from the same outlet store. This was 20 bucks and honestly it was the perfect shade that matches the curtains in my bedroom. I can’t wait to do a room tour after I have my room all organized and decorated!


Random post: I picture of what I made for dinner today! Korean ssamgyupsal (pork belly) bbq with dwenjangjjigae (Soy bean paste soup). Perfect combination and a very hearty meal! I’m so stuffed right now. Need to work out and lose weight TT.TT

Update: The Bikini So Teeny polish I wore the other day chipped off. It’s probably because I went hiking and did some pretty rough stuff…but I was a little disappointed it couldn’t last a little bit longer. Plus the polish took so long to dry that some of my nails were already screwed up…in a way I was glad to take it off. Since I love the color so much I’m going to use it again sometime later and see if I still feel this way about the polish.


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