Kirkland’s Haul!

Quick haul and news to share with you guys! Yesterday Harry and I stumbled upon Kirkland and found they were having really good sales for house decor and furniture!



Got the painting for about 24 bucks on sale! The painting will look absolutely gorgeous with the couch my aunt bought me. The couch is getting custom made though since they had to manufacture the specific color…which is steel blue. So it won’t be coming until September (yikes)! Can’t wait until it comes in!! The accent rug is from Target and I just grabbed it since the color reminded me of green grass (which is lacking here where I live) but I realize the color may not match my whole blue-ish theme going on in my living room. We’ll see I might have to change out the color of the rug…



Next I got this really cute box there. I think this box can be used to put gifts but heck I’m gonna keep it for myself! 🙂 Harry bought this for me to put my nail polish but I may use it for something else…can’t decide yet it’s too cute for me to use! It has a magnetic closure and it’s made of sturdy material.

Try going on Kirkland’s website now to get pretty paintings for discount and other home furniture/decor! 🙂




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