Splurge…Kate Spade purse

So…I need a couple of people’s advice. I went into Marshall’s today just thinking I would look around for house decor. BUT…I ventured into the bag section and spotted this purse:


Leslie Cobble Hill Black PXRU2238

Original price was 428 but I got the purse for 216 dollars in total. Would you consider it a steal or not? Should I keep it? I never bought such a nice purse for myself…all the purses I have were gifts. So I feel bad splurging for myself. However, I do think this was a nice deal and I feel like investing in a nice black purse/ heels is a must.


I would have appreciated more compartments but there are two large zippered sections inside. I also would have loved it more if the purse could also be a crossbody. But otherwise I love the patterns on the inside, the soft cobbled leather on the outside, and the little details on the zipper and the buckle detailed sides of the purse.


The purse has a magnetic close which allows you to wear the purse like the picture above. You don’t have to zip up the purse…and so you can show a peek of the pattern inside when wearing it casually.

As you can tell…I’m trying real hard to rationalize this purchase…but being a med student with loans I need to make sure I don’t go on doing these splurges on a regular or even frequent basis. Should I return it or keep it?


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