Makeup Organization

Hello everyone! I’m back here to share with you the way I’ve organized the makeup I use everyday:


First for the brushes. I purchased this container at Bed Bath and Beyond for twenty bucks. The product was actually for hair dryer and straightener organization but I’ve actually used it this way instead. I’m planning to use the left cup for clean face brushes and when they’re dirty I’ll move it to the other side for cleaning. I also put in my face foundation, sunblock, etc. so I can easily use the products with the face brushes next to them.


This I also purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. I highly regret not bringing along the makeup organization plastic container I had at home, but I decided not to return this one that I bought since I do think this container is better in some ways. For example this container is acryllic and the lipstick organizational section is actually a separate acryllic section which is easily removable. I placed my eye makeup in the front right section, and everyday palettes in the left hand section. I organized my lipstick/lipglosses in the order I would use them the most: the front are my most frequently used. These are the only lip products I brought with me since I was afraid they would all melt in the UHaul truck. Next I put my face powders, blushes, etc in the back. To the right of it I put all my eye makeup brushes and also concealers I use everyday. Finally in the far right corner I placed my mascaras and other bulky long makeup products. My makeup collection has diminished quite a bit from the move, and I hope to keep it that way. I haven’t bought much makeup since the move since most of the stuff I’m purchasing now is food or other essential items. Aaah I spend so much money these days it’s kind of ridiculous.

Hope this organizational bit helped!

Tomorrow is the beginning of medical school! AAAAHHHHHHHHH…gonna go now and spend some time reading the Word. I’ll be honest I haven’t been reading the Bible as often as I should. But recently, I’ve been watching Game of Thrones alot…and the tv show made me quite sad. I didn’t notice it in the first season, but by the 2nd season I can tell the show doesn’t show religion in the greatest light. I’ve been less interested in watching the show because of this…the show has a great plot and I adore Daenarys…but I’m not as obsessed with the show. Anyways I when an obsession of mine ends I realize that my life is empty without my constant passion for Jesus.


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