Nail Polish Haul

Hello everyone! So sorry I’ve been out of blogging for a bit. I was busy moving in to my new apartment…which still needs more decor so I can’t show it to you. So far I’m loving my new place, but I can’t imagine having all this apartment to myself. It’s really sad, but I’ve never slept by myself before. I’ve always had roommates and my family’s home is never empty. I was considering bringing Happy here but she’d be so lonely by herself in this apartment. But if I get a cat I’m highly allergic to them so I’ll have to take allergy shots to keep one…

Anyways I’ll specifically dedicate my house to another blog. Today I just wanted to talk about a HUGE nail polish I’ve been collecting recently…all for very good deals.

huge nail haul

Top row from L to R: Orly Artificial Sweetener (purply pink mauve), Oh Cabana Boy (neon pink), Glowstick (neon yellow), OPI Innie Minnie MIghtie Bow (strawberry red with shimmer), OPI Flashbulb Fuschia (sparkly fuschia).

Bottom row from L to R: Essie Shop Til I Drop (peachy orangey pink; soft coral color), Revlon Girly (sheer light purple with big glitters), OPI Magazine Cover Mouse (red liquid sand), OPI Chic from Ears to Tail (bubblegum blue based pink), OPI A Definite Moust-Have (bright tamale red), L’Oreal Mauvelous (mauvy brown pink), and L’oreal Violet Vixen (Barney purple).


I was lusting after this minnie set after I saw my friend (wordpress blog hungrynails) feature one of her nail polishes from a Minnie mouse OPI collection (though I think hers is from a older one). This collection is called OPI Couture de Minnie, and they were 12.95 or so at Ulta. After trying them out with my sister we decided we absolutely adored the Innie Minnie Mightie Bow color so I gave her my little size of it and bought a full size of the same color. It’s the color on the top row 2nd from right to left. It’s a cute strawberry red color that I think is very flattering on my skin tone.

The OPI full size nail polishes were on sale at ULTA for 2 for $15 so I took that offer up immediately. The other OPI polish I got was Flashbulb Fuschia (the other OPI polish on the top row). I heard really good things about these OPI polishes. Once I try them on I’ll post swatches and reviews :).

I got the Essie polish for $6 at ULTA because I got a coupon in my email. I knew I had to use this coupon since Essie hardly goes on sale. After some hard reflecting at the ULTA store, I decided to purchase the color Shop Till I Drop. I tried this one already…it’s a peachy-orange coral shade with a jelly finish. With one coat it’s sheer color, two coats semi-opaque color, and with three coats it’s pretty opaque. It seems I tend to gravitate towards these colors for blushes, so I was curious to see how it’ll look on my nails. The nail color does take a bit of time to dry especially if you want to add thicker coats for more opacity. However the layers go on without streaking, and I do enjoy the color and finish on my fingers. It’s a nice color for the summer since it seems to make my hands more goldeny tan. So far there seems to be no issues with chipping but I’d have to update you on that.



On my toes I tried on the Orly Oh Cabana Boy color


The neon Barbie pink color is absolutely gorgeous on the toes. Perfect for tanned summer skin. The color applied evenly without hassle, and the color was completely opaque by two coats. I don’t know how this color was missing in my collection. The Orly polishes were buy two get one free at ULTA! 🙂

Update: The Mauvelous L’oreal had amazing longevity on my nails. I’m so excited by how Mauvelous applied and lasted on my nails; I can’t wait to try on other L’oreal nail polishes. They’re pretty cheap too unlike Essie or Orly, etc. I got the Mauvelous for 3.99 and Violet Vixen for five bucks. (Browse through my previous post for more info on Mauvelous).

As for the Revlon nail color, I purchased it at Target for 3.99. I wanted to try, because I thought it would look absolutely gorgeous on top of the L’oreal Violet Vixen color or another light lavendar nail polish I have. We shall see!

I’ll try to review and swatch all of the nail colors I’ve purchased. Hope this helped!


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