IKEA House Stuff Haul~

Today was a tiring but very satisfying day. I was able to buy a bed frame, desk, and clothes drawer. Additionally my mom and my aunt bought me tons of kitchenware for me from Macy’s! Totally excited! Now I’ve been watching room tours on youtube all day to get inspiration for my new apartment.

Also went to a friend’s house to have fellowship and worship with my church folks. Had an amazing time and I will miss them so so much when I move.

Yesterday my church also hosted a talk about homosexuality/sexuality, and I found that the lecturer really opened my eyes up to the topic. I would love to blog about it sometime soon!

To make this blog entry a little more interesting…I lined up my nail collection earlier just to see what colors I have and what colors I am lacking. I also wanted to see whether I would want to bring all of them when I move…and I kind of do :O.


Obviously I have a bit much of red and blues. On my shopping list for nails:

Solid black nail polish (it’s a staple and yet I don’t have it), a neon colored nail polish, and a decent pink nail polish (I honestly don’t really love any of the pink nail polishes I have except that Layla hot pink polish).


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