Beauty Haul! Walgreens and CVS savings

So I cheated a little and watched some youtube videos with my sister yesterday :O

This particular video really got our attention. This lady spent 49 dollars for 140 dollars worth of health and beauty products from CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. Isn’t that crazy? We were greatly inspired by her savings (plus my sister has been watching way too many Extreme Couponing episodes) so we were on the hunt to get good deals at our local drugstore.

So at Walgreens I purchased these items:


The Batiste dry shampoo was on sale for 5.99 when it’s usually 7.99. I think this was a nice save since even at Ulta or Urban Outfitters this dry shampoo goes for 8 dollars. I didn’t necessarily purchase it with a coupon however.

The next item I bought is L’oreal nail color in 320 Mauvelous. It’s a beautiful Mauvy color that looks more mauvy pink with one coat and mauvy brown (coffee with cream color) with two coats. Picture below with two coats.


So far I absolutely love this color, and I’ve only heard good things about the formula and application of L’oreal nail colors so this was an awesome grab for me. The normal price of these at Walgreens is 5.99 but all L’oreal nail colors were on sale for 3.99 through manufacturer coupons which you can grab at the cosmetics counter. Even at Walmart these nail colors are 4.97 so I saved money!

I bought the Batiste and L’oreal nail color at the same time all for around ten dollars but I also had some points saved (2000 which are equivalent to 2 dollars). So after using the point system I spent around 8 dollars total.

Next are the L’oreal cosmetic items…one True match crayon concealer in W4-5 and an infalliable eyeshadow color in Amber Rush. I heard only good things about the concealer and the L’oreal infalliable eyeshadows are my absolute favorite eyeshadows from the drugstore (I have seven of them already). At Walgreens all L’oreal Cosmetics were BOGO 50% (buy one get one half off) plus online Walgreens had coupons for $1 off face, lip, and eyes cosmetics from L’oreal. So the concealer was 8.99 normal price but I got $1 off. Then the infallible eyeshadow is normally 8.48 or so but I got it half off for 4.24 plus I got a dollar off through the coupon I printed online. Total I spent around twelve dollars. In the end I have a Balance Rewards Savings of 4.25 and Store Coupon Savings of 2.00. HOWEVER…I realize that if I really wanted discount on L’oreal I should have gone somewhere else…

Would I have gotten the same deal if I spent my money elsewhere you ask? Even at Walmart the eyeshadow is 6.97 and the concealer is 7.97…a total of around 15 dollars. HOWEVER Ulta also has right now BOGO 50% on L’oreal products…and the pricings of their cosmetics is similar to Walgreens. Additionally they have a 3.50 off coupon at Ulta for 10 dollars or more purchase. THEREFORE if someone was needing to purchase L’oreal cosmetic items I would recommend they spend at ULTA at the current moment.

OVERALL what do I think of this couponing of sorts for beauty purchases? I think Suni and I amateurs at this at the moment and I have a lot to learn if I ever want to coupon like Tati (the girl in the video). Couponing takes lots of patience and smart calculation…obviously reflecting back on this experience I actually could have saved more if I purchased my L’oreal items at Ulta (I may return these items since I haven’t opened them). And sometimes these couponing deals may make you spend money on things that you don’t necessarily need in order to save more on the things you do need.


For example, my sister spent 22 dollars on the two Nexxus shampoos yesterday at CVS. However, if you spent 20 bucks on Nexxus haircare you receive 10 extra bucks back into your card. Basically she spent around 10 dollars for two Nexxus shampoos…which is a great deal since Nexxus is such a luxury shampoo. The 10 extra bucks is essentially you receive 10 dollars in store credit back…so with that money my sister got two Revlon diamond lust eyeshadows for 99 cents (since the eyeshadows were around 5 bucks each). Plus if you buy two Revlon products she got $4 dollars extra bucks which I used to buy my mom some Lamisil. The Lamisil normally costs 10 bucks but with the $4 extra bucks it ended up being around $6. Essentially my sister did the most savings yesterday at CVS. But did she necessarily need two Nexxus shampoos and the eyeshadows? Not really. All in all it was amazing savings since the total cost without extra bucks would have been around 42 dollars but we actually spend 26 dollars.

I really wish I knew more about the CVS extra bucks or the Walgreens point system sooner cus I would always see these in my receipt but I would never use them cus I didn’t know how. Hope this helps you guys in the future as well! Savings are always a plus!


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