Lippies I Will Not Repurchase

Today’s Texas weather is a little bit scary I’m not gonna lie…I was waiting inside my car reading my Bible when I could even feel powerful gusts of wind shaking my car. It was fearful praying to God to calm the storm and protect me. Thank you God for I am home safe. My prayers go out to the people in Oklahoma…

So a weather like this allows me to do only one thing: stay at home. Which is fine because now I get to blog. I’ve been going through my beauty stash since I will be moving soon and I don’t my home to be cluttered with things left behind that I never use.

revlon lips

Let’s just say I’ve decided I will never purchase another Revlon lip product. ALL of these lip products make my lips peel. Some Revlon lustrous lipstick formulas are more unbearable than others. Let’s just take Revlon lustrous lipstick Cherry in the Snow as an example:

cherry in the snow

BEAUTIFul color right? And a beautiful name for the lipstick color. This particular cherry red brightens up my complexion too so I absolutely love it…BUT the lipstick makes my lips peel like no other! Even under lip balm. And if I put a lipgloss over it, the lipstick may not feel uncomfortable when I wear it but the day after my lips start peeling AND it makes me break out. Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure it’s the lipstick. So I will probably keep this color just in hopes to find a similar lipstick in MAC that has similar color payoff (so just for swatching purposes). Anyone know a shade for this color in MAC stores? I love MAC lipsticks and lipglasses…which I will go into detail in another blog post…

Anyways back to the other Revlon lip products. I had high hopes for the Revlon lip butters since everyone raves about them (about the color payoff and hydrating feel of these lippies). However, I find that the ones I’ve tried (I think I’ve tried more than the four above) all make my lips peel. My favorite color is Peach Parfait and when I use it over a lipgloss…the color looks wonderful and it doesn’t make my lips peel. BUT what’s the point of buying a lip butter if you need to use two different lip products for it to be hydrating? I think I may have bought more but I probably lost them cus I didn’t care for them. I have above: Sweet Tart, Peach Parfait, Red Velvet, and Candy Apple.

Another Revlon lip product I’m disappointed with are the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. These “balm” stains are not hydrating for me at all and thus make my lips peel. Plus they’re not quite as staining as one may anticipate…especially the lighter colors.

Revlon colorburst lipstick in 020 Baby Pink. Pros: I don’t find that the lip product is too drying, it’s a pretty light pink color with a frosty finish Con: You gotta make sure your lips are smooth because the may settle/cling to lines and areas where your lips are peeled. So all in all, I think I will continue to use this product but I may look into other lip product brands before I purchase this one again. Another note: I usually need to apply it at least twice to build up the color on my lips

Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede lipstick in 020 Front Row: I got this as a gift and was afraid to use it when I saw that many reviews talked about how drying these formulas were. So when I heard that even a majority of people find this too drying… I wanted to stay far away from it as possible. But since I did receive one as a gift, I decided to give it try. So yes after awhile these lipsticks aren’t comfortable to wear cus they’re drying. It is fixable with a lipgloss. However, this color is similar to the color burst lipstick in Baby Pink with the same problem of accentuating dry areas. Plus it’s such a frosty pink that in certain lightings the lip color isn’t flattering on my skintone. Overall: I would definitely not repurchase this and go for the colorburst lipstick in baby pink if you’re going for the same color, finish but want something a little more hydrating and easy to use.

So no matter how tempting the Revlon lip stands look I really don’t wanna buy any more because even now I estimate I wasted 90-100 bucks on lippies that I will never use. Such sadness

other lippies

Other lip products I won’t be repurchasing:

Eos lip balms; I don’t understand the hype about these because they don’t hydrate my lips at all. In theory these are nice since they use organic ingredients I believe.

Estee Lauder’s pure color long lasting lipstick in Sunstone and Nectarine: First of all, these aren’t long lasting. The lipstick formula is hydrating…but it feels rather slippery on the lips. Plus the lipstick has a strong fruity/floral scent. Honestly I don’t reach for lip products that have a strong plasticky makeup scent or with strong scents in general. So though I don’t think these lip products are particularly bad I personally would not repurchase these. I think I got these lip products as a gift with purchase anyway.

Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipsticks in 520E (bright red) and 521A (fuschia red). These have the same reaction on my lips as the Revlon lipstick in Cherry in the Snow. They make my lips peel so badly! And the effect of it lasts two or three days. Plus the lipstick has that cheap makeup taste/smell. It’s too bad since I read that these lipsticks have less lead than other leading brands such as Maybelline. Plus they’re only a dollar. Too too bad

Maybelline baby soft lips in Fruit Punch: Yep same dealio make my lips peel. Too bad since I do love the sheer color payoff and the smell of it…tastes just like Fruit Punch or something. Put yes definitely does not make my lips like soft baby lips.

Burt’s Bees Nourishing Lip balm: Smells/tastes awful to me. And I wish I have a lip balm that has the ability to heal my lips within a day…and this usually does not. (I have yet to find a holy grail lip balm). All in all, I will try to use it up but I don’t think I’ll repurchase.


Swatch L to R: Estee Lauder (EL) lipstick in Sunstone, EL lipstick in Nectarine, Wet n Wild lipstick in 520E and 521A, Maybelline baby lips in Fruit Punch.

I do these blogs in hopes that someone else will not waste their money like I did…but honestly I think I have exceptionally sensitive lips…so I guess this blog post is mostly for those of you who know that your lips are usually dry and are quite sensitive to most lip products. Thanks for stopping by!


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