Randoms and food adventure!

Today I was was craving something Italian…without the calories so I decided to make this:



Essentially it’s the toppings of a bruschetta without the bread. But here’s the recipe:

1) Preheat the oven to 350

2) Slice the tomatoes into thickness desired (if you want juicier then bigger obviously)

3) Spray some extra virgin olive oil on a cookie sheet/pan? and individually place the tomatoes

4) Sprinkle fresh finely chopped garlic, Italian seasoning, kosher salt, pepper, and sugar into each tomato. I would say sprinkle the sugar a bit generously because the tomato will have a slight acidity once they roast in the oven. The rest of the seasonings put as much as desired.

5) Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes. The last three or four minutes add shredded mozarella cheese.

6) Take out of the oven and garnish with chopped black olives.

These tomatoes surprisingly filled me up without the bread! I did put a quite a bit of cheese in it though so maybe that’s why.

After brunch for dinner I met up with a friend for some Indian food! Samosa chat! I need to remember the name so I can get it next time lolol

samosa chat


Click on the photos to see the food enlarged. It looks epic. This tasted like Indian spiced chili with samosa drenched in it. So filling and savory. The beans are chickpeas and the samosa inside is filled potatoes…so very good for vegetarians! If I could eat stuff like this every day I wouldn’t mind being vegetarian seriously. The dish is spicy even though it’s the non-spicy version….my stomach is feeling a little queasy but Indian food is so worth it when you’re eating it. TT.TT oh my love-hate relationship with Indian food…

Random little chick I saw at an outside mall:

It was so tiny and cute. The chick chirped when I first petted it and the mother was chirping frantically above. But after awhile when it realized I wasn’t gonna eat it…the bird just basked in the sun and occasionally opened its eyes when I touched it. I wouldn’t recommend touching little chicks but hey I couldn’t resist :D.



Update from last post: That glitter punk purple eyeliner or whatever from Jordana was awful! The eyeliner did stay on all day without smudging but the glitter particles didn’t easily come off my eyes when using my eye makeup remover. And to make matters worse I think the glitters went inside my eye cus when I tried to remove the eyeliner it stung! I’m afraid to retry and see if it was really the eyeliner….so save your money even if it’s a dollar! I may go and return the eyeliner if I find my receipt.


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