Walgreens Haul

After reading about the clearances that are going on in the beauty section of Walgreens…I had to get some of the stuff especially since the ones I did buy all got pretty good ratings.


Left to Right: Jordana Glitter Rock retractable eyeliner pencil in punk rock purple, jordana metal rocks metallic retractable eyeliner in Purple Prism, Jordana metal rocks in Paradise Blue, Maybelline Eyestudio in caffeine rush, Covergirl and Olay simply ageless eye corrector (NOT the concealer).

The eyeliners were each on sale at my walgreens for 1.99 (when normally 2 dollars and something), the maybelline for 5-6 dollars (when they’re usually 10 bucks), and the Covergirl for 6-7 dollars (when they’re normally 11-12 bucks). They were basically around half off. I heard they’re on clearance because they might get discontinued?

jordana swatch

Left to right: Purple prism, paradise blue, and punk rock purple

It seemed fitting to buy these eyeliners since I just recently did a post on eyeliners I wouldn’t repurchase. Most of them I threw away because I have no use for them, and I’ll be moving soon somewhere else so I’ve got to purge my beauty stash. I’m always on a hunt for eyeliners that will stay on my oily lids all day…so I thought I would give these a shot. Plus they’re only 1-2 bucks! So cheap!

punk glitter

(My eyeliner is usually not the same thickness since each of them have different folds to them). I tried on the Punk Glitter Purple today, and unfortunately I am not absolutely in love with it. The glitter particles are big…and I’m afraid to get too close to my lashline with this one since I don’t want the glitter to get into my eye. They do give a pretty sparkle…and so far they don’t sting my eyes. I’ll update you guys on that though. The other two aren’t glittery so hopefully those will be even better.

caf rushrush flash

Next the maybelline eyeshadows. I haven’t tried this one yet but here are the swatches. I put a primer underneath, and the right one is with flash. As you can see they’re metallic and the far left shade is quite glittery. So far so good the swatches are beautiful and the colors seem pretty similar to Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette. When I looked at reviews, everyone said good things about it so let’s see!

Lastly the covergirl and olay concealer: These concealers are okay but I’m not in love with them. The color…though it’s supposed to be a universal correcting shade…is a bit light for my skintone. Do not use fingers with this products because it will not apply evenly and it’ll look cakey. Use a brush to smooth it out. The finish is a very powdery consistency…so people with mature skin may find this concealer to accentuate any wrinkles. Even the small wrinkles I have under my eyes look a bit accentuated. And because of the powdery finish my under eyes…if not properly moisturized looks dry and aged. I may continue to still use it and see if there’s a best way to apply these…but even then I still prefer my Maybelline undereye concealer by far.

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: I am fasting youtube!!!! Or maybe I am forever going to delete my account I’m not sure. But either way today’s day one! I find that I have a large amount of time in my hands. Yay for more time! Let’s see what all I’ll do today.


-I made lunch for my grandparents today by reheating pasta I got from Carino’s but I added just a bit of my own touch to it. I first fried garlic with olive oil and then put whole peeled tomato chunks with juice. After stirring I added some kosher salt and a touch of white wine. Lastly, I added the pasta with some additional mozerella cheese. Yum!

-FINALLY found the name of the song I liked…but when I actually listened to the explicit lyrics…I was like…WHHAAAAA. My gosh this song is so derogatory to women. I’m sad cus I think Drake’s voice is sexy…but his song lyrics are not :(.

It’s called Love me by Lil Wayne featuring Drake and Future? I don’t even wanna post a link cus the video makes me so sad


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