I’ve been getting pretty weird nightmares this past week. It all started when I had a terrible nightmare of gargantuan tarantula-looking spiders…all colorful and deadly…crawling up my arms. Everybody was saying “Gosh Jean you’re such a wuss…haha she’s scared of spiders.” No one was even slightly disturbed by my high pitch screaming.

The next day I had a dream that one of the youtube guru’s I watch (yes…you know I’m pretty much watching way too many youtube videos) was having a conflict with her husband (BenjimanTV) and she ended up divorcing him. At the same time I met the guy a couple of times and we decided to marry! But all the while I was still talking to Harry. And then after I married Ben I was like…”The hell am I thinking?? Why did I marry him??” I had a long conversation with my sister wondering if I should pull a Kim Kardashian and divorce the guy without even being married to him for a day. But I was like “Oh no I don’t want to have that divorce on my papers!!” It was terrible…in the dream I truly felt what it feels like to have cold feet at a wedding. The feelings and everything in this one was so real…

Last night I dreamt that I was still working in the lab (for some odd reason)…and my boss didn’t give me any pay for the extra time I worked. I was like WTF?? waking up but just as I opened my eyes I had to remind myself…No Jean you quit your job a month ago you’re okay you’ve been paid. Such an odd dream.

Yesterday I decided to use up my groupon deal for Johnny Carino’s ($10 for a 20 dollar meal) for lunch. I would have brought somebody..but usually if I suggest them to drive all the way to Rockwall they say ooh that’s too far. Heck it’s even far for me I didn’t even know how far it was until I bought the coupon. So unfortunately without the groupon I most likely won’t visit a Johnny Carino’s. I got a pretty sweet deal going there during lunch time. Everything in their lunch special is 9.99 including a sweet tea or beverage, bread, and soup! So I got two pasta dishes for $10 bucks! 🙂 They have a certain selection of pastas from their dinner menu and the one I tried was 1) Grilled Chicken Bowtie Festival and 2) Spicy Shrimp and Chicken


Honestly I was pretty stuffed eating the soup and bread that I didn’t even take more than a few bites of my pasta. The soup was  a pretty hefty size.

potato soup

So 100 points for Groupon this deal really made my day yesterday! 🙂 As for Carino’s I think the soup was good…a bit cheesy and a bit salty…but most Americans would probably think it was great. The pasta was good…the texture of the chicken didn’t really feel like real chicken…more like Tyson’s grilled chicken taste? So I wasn’t quite fond of it though the chicken was tender. But the pasta was cooked just perfectly…it wasn’t too al dente or overcooked. The pasta needed some good squirts of Tabasco or Kimchi for my personal taste haha…a bit heavy for my Asian-Am palette.


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