Trip to New York City

Had an amazing time with college friends in New York City last month. I know this reflection was way over due but I just couldn’t get myself to write it all down as if it were all in the past :(. We still Kakaotalk and keep in touch but I hope we’ll get to meet again next year.

We ate at places like Jappadog, La Laduree macaron, Ippudon, Kitchenette, and Scarpetta which is a restaurant owned by Scott Conant…a judge on Chopped. We spent Friday gathering everyone together and then signed ourselves up for Ippudon ramen. While waiting we walked around New York City and went shopping to places like E.L.F. cosmetics (I didn’t know they had an actual store) and Duane Reed. When the ramen came out it was absolutely amazing. I loved mine the best because it was spicy with miso base. I sometimes shy away from ramen because the broth tastes too much like pork. However, the spiciness and the miso broth helped take away that usual thick meaty taste. We then went to a sweet bakery/restaurant called Spot Dessert Bar. The one I ordered via the waitress’s recommendation was absolutely amazing.  It was called Golden Toast…which was a honey buttered (slightly fried) toast (I would say the bread was a lot like the Korean milk bread) with condensed milk and strawberries. Sounds quite simple right? But the flavor and taste was absolutely decadent. Apparently My says it the dessert is a spin on Cantonese/Vietnamese desserts. After that we took a trek to Times Square…which is my FAVORITE place to go to in NYC. I love the bright lights, the Broadway shows, shops…all of it! We then decided to rest our legs for a bit at a Russian bar we just found on the spot. The shots literally tasted like alcohol with mouthwash. I do not recommend that place…though it got strangely okay reviews on yelp. Ugh…worst drinks I’ve ever tasted. After that I think we were pretty pooped out so we went back to the hotel and slept.

Next day we were on our course to Smorgasburg…a festival of sorts in which different restaurants around NYC gather and let you sample their dishes. Before we went though everyone was craving some coffee so we went to Blue Bottle Coffee…a coffee joint that serves drip coffee and those coffees with fancy designs on it. I didn’t drink any because I usually have a really bad reaction against caffeine but the others seems to enjoy it (I’m sure Mel you would enjoy it too). At Smorgasburg we took a beautiful picture of NYC skyline and tried a hodge podge of things. I honestly have to say I enjoy my Texas State Fair better than this Smorgasburg (sorry! :P) but they did have some interesting dishes. I tried one of those hippie restaurants that use vegetables and Indian influenced recipes. Then I also got this baked macaroni dish from the Milk Truck cus I thought…hey if there’s a long line it must be good. Alas the macaroni was so-so. Overall I felt the food was not amazing compared to how much I had to pay for the samples. But then again everything in NYC is expensive…

Next we went to the Metropolitan museum and mostly the girls were relishing the moment to rest our tired legs from waiting in those ungodly long lines at Smorgasburg. My favorite part of the Museum was Monet’s exhibition, especially this painting

called Garden at Sainte-Adresse

It looks much much better in real life. Basically I love pastel bright colors and Impressionistic paintings so I especially enjoyed the 19th century art section.

After bit of resting inside the museum we went to go wait in another line at Laduree Macaron store. My and cat HAD to have macarons…The cost for them is extravagant; 6 macarons in a box for 21 dollars! D:. I personally liked the macarons I’ve tried in LA but they were still good. After munching on macarons, we went to walk around Central Park. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it was a nice break from the busy streets of NYC. There’s an especially interesting chair called the Whispering Chair at the park where you can whisper to the people far across from you without anyone else knowing what you’re whispering about. It’s a strange chair to explain…you just gotta go and try it. I’m sure it has to do with Physics…how sound reflects around a smooth curved surface, etc.

Doing all that walking made us extremely hungry so we went to eat Halal guys and sit inside Rockfeller center. HALAL GUYS WERE AMAZING. They were 6 bucks (SO CHEAP) and…SO GOOD with such LARGE portions. Can’t…even…explain. Just try. I was so stuffed after that but we also decided to go to Vu drink bar on top of a building near K-town. There we saw a nice view of the Empire State building and had deceptively sweet mixed drinks. I felt fine after taking sips but then we went to a karaoke for two hours and had two pitcher (smallish one) of lychee soju. That soju was so deceptively sweet and good! I was totally loose and a bit drunk after that and I apparently did some crazy things under the influence (speaking in a British accent, hugging everyone and saying I love you, etc.). So bad…so bad. Link to Halal guys:

Last day we went to Andrew’s church but since his church was near Columbia we stopped by the coffee/breakfast place inside their school. Man those Columbian students have it good…sadly better than the Jazzmine cafe we had at Emory >.<. The church was surprisingly moderately conservative. I think Andrew does attend a rather nice church…would love to join if I were in NYC. After that we visited a brunch place called Kitchenette which was all right.The cookies we bought at Levain Bakery were much tastier. The cookies are the size of biscuits and they are filled with soft gooey chocolate chips. So so good. After that we parted TT.TT. Links to bakery:

I then spent some time with my aunt’s family by going inside Chelsea’s market and had their fresh oyster bar. Their oysters and raw clams were absolutely tasty with not much of a briny taste to them. We then went to Scarpetta which is the restaurant owned by one of the Chopped judges. I instantly knew it was him when I saw his photo cus I do watch Food Network alot when given the opportunity haaha. I had an instant Food Network Geek Freaking Out moment. Unfortunately the food was OK for the price. My favorite dish there was spaghetti. The pasta seemed well cooked and handmade and the sauce was so creamy and tasty. However, to my ignorant palette most spaghettis taste pretty much the same to me…so overall I wouldn’t highly recommend this restaurant.

My aunt’s family and I then visited the High Line but didn’t have much time to walk around cus the weather got so cold! I then went to stay with my aunt until I left for home the next day.

I had SUCH A FUN TIME AND I MISS IT ALREADY. I’m glad I took this time to quit working so I can have a bit of fun before going to med school. In two weeks I’m also leaving to Atlanta and El Paso…it will be pretty crazy. I’m going from Dallas to ATL, ATL to El Paso, and EL Paso back to Dallas. The ticket costs 571 dollars O.O. I’ll have to take lots of pictures of all the restaurants I miss in ATL…I will fo sho update you :).


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