Yesterday was a crazy fiasco. After I took my grandma to the hospital I went straightaway to the library to finish up my statistics homework. Then TEN bajillion people had called me but I had my phone on vibrate. When I checked my phone later my aunt was calling me and told me that my grandparents had gotten into an accident. I was like WHAT!? pretty loudly in the library which is pretty bad D:. She also told me she was locked out of her apartment because my grandpa had locked the extra lock in her door. So I came rushing home to find my grandparents were perfectly fine…the front part of their car was scratched by some teenager who didn’t know how to drive. Anyways my mom and my aunt also came rushing home being like what the heck happened?? why didn’t you or grandpa pick up your phone?? etc. We ended the whole day eating a delicious meal but still goodness the series of events that happened yesterday was quite frightening. Hopefully my grandma will be in God’s protection for her surgery tomorrow.

Today is a rainy day and though I should be studying for my stats final this coming Monday…I woke up inspired to do another makeup look using Kourtney’s Kardazzle palette. I actually tried to film this on my computer but I think I’m a terrible person when it comes to filming unless I practice what I’m going to say. So here I am just making a good ol’ blog post about it.

Photo on 5-9-13 at 11.45 AM #2


The blush and eyeshadow I used were all from the Kardazzle palette. I must say… I really enjoy it.



Matte shades: Matte cream white, matte soft pink, matte light brown, matte mauvy pink

Bottom: sparkly gold, sparkly champagne pink, sparkly mauvy brown with pinky-purply sheen, sparkly bronzy brown


Con: flimsy packaging (wouldn’t recommend traveling with this unless you put a rubber band on it because the bottom shelf of this palette opens really easily), and matte shades (especially the lighter shades) don’t show up as well as the sparkly shades.

Pro: pigmented and long wearing blushes, flattering highlight shade for my skin tone, and absolutely LOVE the sparkly eyeshadow shades in the bottom. I get tired of seeing metallicy sparkly shadows in the drugstore. I find that too shimmery or metallicy shades don’t suit my oily complexion. However, these sparkly shadows are not too chunky and give my lids a nice soft sparkle. Thus I would say I would even prefer these colors over the Naked colors because I find several of the shades in the Naked palettes have a metallic finish.  I would say the sparkly champagne pinky shade above is very similar to the Naked eyeshadow color in Sin.  This shadow shade is my absolute favorite. The rest of the sparkly colors I wouldn’t say are dupes of Naked shadows from Urban Decay. The shades are all unique and very pretty. They blend well, and on my eyes the shadows last all day with a primer



On my eyes: Wet n wild fergie eyeshadow primer, Maybelline bad to the bronze cream eyeshadow as a base, matte pink and white as highlight, sparkly gold in inner third of my eyes, sparkly brown on my outer V, sparkly champagne on the center of my lids. Kardazzle peachy-pink blush on my cheeks, and Kardazzle highlight on my nose and tops of my cheeks.

Unfortunately the last time I checked online or at my local Ulta I couldn’t find this palette. If you can still find it, grab it!


2 thoughts on “Craziness

  1. Wowwww, what a day Jean…that’s crazy that with everything else going on, there was an accident to top everything off. My mom has this saying, “when one trial comes, 90 other problems also pop up at the same time.” But even in the midst of it all, God is still in control.

    You’re almost done with stats!! Yay 🙂 I’m trying to remember what I can of stats for the boards…uhh, it comes back to haunt you.

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