Maybelline’s Summer 2013 Color Tattoo Launch

So I got sucked into buying this after I saw someone rave about it


Left to Right: Waves of white, Cool Crush, and Seashore Frosts. Perhaps you can’t see it from the picture but these are duochrome cream eyeshadows. You can see the duochrome quality of these eyeshadows when you see its back


This particular shade is Cool Crush…it’s a blue/purple/silver shade. Seashore frost is blue/green/golden shade. Waves of white is white/ purply pink/ and blue shade.

These are the swatches of the colors


Cool crush, seashore frost, waves of white. The waves of white when I look at it looks more icy white blue whereas Cool crush looks more like sky blue. The seashore frost reminds me of a mermaid or crocodile sort of color. Can’t really explain in words.

This is the look I came up with using the Cool Crush and Seashore Frosts


The top lid is seashore frosts and I added cool crush in my inner part of my lower lash line and tear duct. All across my outer lash line I used Sephora’s jumbo liner 12hr wear in electric blue (love it!). I was really excited about the Seashore Frost color because the color looked so beautiful in the swatch. However, I realized that this color took a little more swipes for it to even show up very vibrant as the other colors.Even when applying it to my lids, I had a bit of trouble trying to make it show up vibrantly. I’m not sure if a primer will improve this eyeshadow, but by itself I felt that the color wore off. And I’m not sure if it’s because these eyeshadows are so creamy right now, but the color would not apply evenly when I used my fingers. This is a complete different feeling I get from my other color tattoos from their permanent collection. The other two colors show up very very bright. The cool crush was great at brightening my inner corners.

I guess I’ll test these out more for more accurate review, but overall I think you won’t be devastated if you miss out on these. The color I was looking forward to the most seem to disappoint me a bit, since I’ve never had to apply primer for the other colors I have (Bad to the Bronze and Tough as Taupe which are my favorite). The other two (Cool Crush and waves of white) are quite frosty and sparkly so these aren’t colors I would use on my lids. I would purchase one of the two colors since they give similar effect.


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