Can someone help me with my ailment called…blushaholic!



It’s a very serious ailment in which I cannot help but think I don’t have enough blush in my collection when I clearly do…right? Nars Orgasm blush (right in the front of the pile above) is the first blush I’ve ever purchased. That’s why it’s all broken and shattered. Nars one must be four years old by now. By it’s third year the blush started breaking out on my skin I think. I did put my fingers all over that one to place the color on lips and stuff so maybe that’s why? My sister had a cream Nars blush called Lokoum that started smelling funny by its third year. So if my predictions are correct…will all of my powder blushes expire in three years or so?? Even with three years there’s no way I can finish all of these blushes. D: And the pile above doesn’t even include blushes I have in palettes…

Blush is the first makeup that got me hooked into the whole makeup world. It wasn’t the Nars orgasm blush that got me hooked…the culprit is actually the Tarte blushes. They were the first makeup items I thought…hey…makeup does actually do a wonderful difference to my complexion! That’s why I have so freaking many above. All the Tarte blushes I own I love…my everyday favorite combination is Tarte exposed with Benefit’s Coralista on the tops of my cheeks (almost like a highlighter).

With a blush collection this big several of my blushes start looking similar…

blush swatch

Left to right: Blush side of ELF blush and bronzer in St. Lucia, ELF blush in Twinkle Pink, Tarte blush in Glisten, Wet n Wild blush in Pearlescent Pink, and Nars blush in Orgasm. Elf blush in Twinkle Pink is the peachiest/ light pink. All  have glitter but Pearlescent Pink has the least glitter. Glisten and Orgasm almost exact same finish. Both glitter and golden sheen but Glisten less chunky glitter. The other colors don’t have that sheen that makes the Nars and Tarte look multidimensional colored. Tarte Glisten and Wet n Wild seem to best sit in my skin without buffing out. I’m not sure if the Nars blush looks patchy above because it’s expired but…the most seamlessly blended and beautiful color I think is Tarte’s Glisten.

So I’m still itching to get some more blushes…especially some from Mac since I only have one from Mac and that one I gave to my mom cus the color best suits her skintone. Aah! Someone should seriously stop me.

P.S. I’ll post about my New York experience very very soon. Like later today.


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