Cloudy day

Texas is being hormonal again and after couple days of complete hotness it has calmed to a chilly gloomy weather. So the weather has been my inspiration today.

Photo on 4-18-13 at 12.02 PM


Photo on 4-18-13 at 12.11 PM #2


Excuse my baby hairs that never stay in the right place…I’ve tried everything but they don’t stay put D:.

Most of the eye makeup I used was from the Naked 2 palette. The smashbox palette has more warmer shadows so I couldn’t use it today.


First step, apply Maybelline’s color tattoo cream shadow base in Tough as Taupe all over my lid. I shaped the base as an oval around my lid and brought a little bit of the color up to my crease. This look I’m keeping nearer to my eyes not all over my whole lid…a method I think is most flattering on monolids like me. I really enjoy this eyeshadow base especially because it’s matte finish. This and bad to the bronze are my favorites from their cream eyeshadows.

tough as taupe

Using a fluffy brush add tease mainly on the outer most part of my crease and brought a little bit of the color all over my crease. This color is a matte greyish mauvy brown color, which is perfect for the crease area. This is one of my favorite colors in the palette because it’s matte and it’s a color I can use with any eye look.


Using my fingers I applied this beautiful eyeshadow by L’oreal called liquid diamond. The color is a bluish greyish color with sheen and sparkle. I placed the color on the center of my lid and patted it all over the top of the shadow base. These eyeshadows are soft and so easy to blend. These are also one of my favorite drugstore eyeshadows.

liquid diamond


Using my fingers again, I picked up a little bit of this matte black eyeshadow called Blackout. I placed this near the outer edge of my lids and pulled the color toward my eyes. I blended the color using a elf eyeshadow C brush. The black deepens the look and gives a three dimensoinal effect to the eyes.






Lastly, I used Verve in my tear duct and the first third of my lower lash line. I used my fingers to dab this. The color is a pretty metallic silvery color. This color brightened up these eyes and the color matches very well with cooler eyeshadows.



Then I used mostly the same products all over my face as I did previously. The lineur intense eyeliner is sometimes so difficult to use to make the same shape on both of my eyes. 😦 Other than that product I enjoy most of the things I used for this look. On the cheeks I used Sonia Kashuk cream blush called petal using an ELF stippling brush.

This look may be too dramatic for some in the day time but I had fun creating this look. Enjoy!


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