Today’s Eye of the Day

neutral green liner look


Excuse my very shiny face I’ve been wearing this foundation for 8+ hours


Using the smashbox palette, I made it rather neutral on my lid while adding a pop of color on my bottom lash line. I used the same green eyeshadow I used yesterday, but this time I used the eyeshadow wet. To my surprise the color is drastically more visible and the staying power is a little bit better. I was about to totally trash that eyeshadow but good thing I gave it a second try. In general I felt that the color visibility exponentially increased when I applied the eyeshadows wet.


So I started out using the same gold color I used yesterday and applied this color mostly on the first third of my lids including my inner tear duct area. Any excess I just applied on the rest of my lid.


Next I applied this corally pink shade to other 2/3rd of my lid (from the middle of my eyelid to the corner). I even put some on my crease to give it some warmth. This is a coral color with glitter and sheen to it. This coral shade was bad whether wet or dry. When applied wet it was okay. Next time I would just use my Nars orgasm blush.


I applied this brown color to make an outer V and any excess brown I put it all over my crease using a windshield wiper motion. This is a warmer bronzy brown with a gold sheen to it. This one is pigmented so a little goes a long way.


I applied this cream mostly matte white eyeshadow right under my brows. This one’s pigmented.


Last step, I spritzed my eyeliner brush with some water and dabbed on that dark forest green color. When swatched and when you should first apply it you expect it to be bright forest green but the color ends up being darker on the eyes.

rest of my face

I used these products on the rest of my face. Oh! I forgot to add L’oreal voluminous false lashes mascara to the pile. I really enjoy it and though it smudges on me after a while EVERY mascara smudges on me so it doesn’t bother me. Also I have on L’oreal lineur intense carbon liquid eyeliner with the brush tip applicator. I thought this product sucked at first but actually the trick is to remove any excess liquid before applying it to the eyes. Though it still flakes a little tiniest bit it’s an okay eyeliner. I’m testing out the Covergirl foundation recently because my face is SO OILY right now with Texas heat finally here (not enjoying it TT.TT). And I repurchased my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder in creamy beige since it’s one of the only two powders I have currently that actually mattefies my face for a long time. I used Benefit corralista on my cheeks and the bronze color on the Flower (Drew Barrymore’s brand) cheek duo Gloriously Golden to contour my face. I also contoured my nose using the Maybelline dream smooth mousse foundation in honey beige (my sister had bought it but it was too dark for her skin tone). Works perfectly as a creamy contour color. I used Clinique brow powder to fill my brows. This brow powder sucks…idk if I need to experiment more but right now it sucks. I have the shade charcoaled. Finally for my lips I used Mac’s pink lemonade lipglass and Tread Gently tendertone on the center of my lips. The tendertone peels my lips but when I apply with lipgloss it doesn’t. If it didn’t peel my lips this tendertone is absolutely gorgeous to make my lips look fuller and more sparkly! The Mac lipglass is hard to apply evenly but I smooth it out when I add that tendertone with my finger. The combination is absolutely gorgeous but separately they’re both all-right.

What do you think? Would you copy this look?


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