Exerting Exercise!

Eversince I went to a “bootcamp” of sorts with my church I have been motivated to exercise! Found this good video on Women’s Health website haha. Good for a newly-committed-to-exercising person like me :).


It’s for the butt and thigh area which is crucial to me since I have such disproportionally large thighs and butt TT.TT

Another amazing find for me was the book the Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. The first chapter didn’t really draw me in to the book but the second chapter spoke to me so deeply yesterday. I love how so far he emphasizes how your relationship with God should at least be steadfast in order to really plow through the troubles of marriage. He focuses on God rather than the marriage relationship which is obviously different form other secular self-help marriage books I’m sure. The chapter really spoke to me about what I’m currently struggling with.

One of the points that really hit home with me was when he elaborated on this verse “Whoever wants to save his life shall lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” (Matthew 16:25). He states how some people feel it justified to be self-absorbed because they have wounded personally throughout their life in some way. But Tim Keller  says straight out the “woundedness makes us self-absorbed.” “Both people crippled by inferiority feelings and those who have superiority complexes are centered on themselves, obsessed with how they look and how they are being perceived and treated.” This is so true for me because I’m self-absorbed in the way that I cling to my “wounds.” I’m a sensitive person and I take things too close to heart because I’m so absorbed with myself. I care so much about myself, and how others perceive me. Whether they like me…whether I’m liked by lots of people. But Tim says “When you received criticism, you would never be crushed, because Jesus’s love and acceptance of you is so deeply ‘in there.'” As Christians we should be liberated from these fears..the fears that you aren’t “likable” enough for others or the fear of what others say about you. You should be controlled and at the same time liberated by the fear of the Lord! Amen to that. I hope to share this chapter with my small group cus we’re currently going over the book “So Long Insecurity.” How fitting is this chapter for such a discussion? 🙂



One thought on “Exerting Exercise!

  1. Woww…thanks for that excerpt 🙂 I really needed to hear that. Man I love how the conviction of the Holy Spirit reminds us of our fallen nature….but by the grace of God, we can be transformed daily. And through His Word. And through fellowship.

    Lately, I’ve been depriving myself of all that. But that’s what conviction of the Holy Spirit is for 🙂 To lead us back to the Lord.

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