So I have been pretty bad and spent quite a bit of money little by little in buying these lippies:


These are the Maybelline Vivid sensational color lipsticks. I’m so glad to say Maybelline lipsticks do not peel my lips. These colors are not exactly the most natural looking color on your lips…and they’re quite bold too so if you aren’t into very colorful bold lips then these aren’t for you. From left to right: on fire red, shocking coral, and fuschia flash.


These are the Neutrogena moisture smooth color sticks! I was so in love with the color in the middle called Sweet Watermelon. The other colors Juicy Peach (far left) and Bright Berry (far right) don’t seem as moisturizing but I’ll have to test it out some more before I can say anything.



THESE ARE THE BEST LIP BALMS I’VE EVER TRIED. Please get yourself one. I’ve tried sooooo many chapsticks, lip balms, etc. that actually make my lips look worse than before. Korres lip butter (the color mango looks pretty but it makes my lips peel), Maybelline Baby Lips, Revlon lip butters, and Eos lip balms…all not that moisturizing unfortunately. I should do a blog on this later because I think moisturized lips are essential!



My got me the fresh lip balms for my birthday! 🙂 I do really enjoy these lip balms. The only sad part is is that the regular sized ones are 22 dollars! D:. Luckily for me I realized that these small ones have even lasted me for a year so  I think I’ll continue to buy these in value packs. Love the color selections…and the colors are sheer to medium opacity (darker the more opaque).



These are also random lippies I bought…but since I don’t have a collection of them I lumped them together. The one on the left is from Mac’s limited edition Archie’s collection and it’s called strawberry malt. Though it is a bit sticky, the color lasts just as long as a lipstick and doesn’t travel outside your lips. Love it! The Maybelline color whispers are also amazing! Unlike Revlon lip butters these suckers actually moisturize my lips. However, I did make sure to buy the color whispers that don’t contain any glitter cus I think glitter really peels my lips unfortunately. I think I’ll have to buy more of the color whispers sometime D:.

I like to post frivolous things like this so I don’t have to sit down and reflect…but hopefully I’ll have one out soon because I have been enjoying the new church I go to and God has revealed so much to me recently.



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