Beauty rants

Usually the only person that would care about this post is…me. But I have a couple new beauty products I’ve tried that have been terrible for me. For example: Bare Minerals powder foundation. Did not cover any of my imperfections whatsoever…however big or small. Additionally couldn’t be used as a setting powder so I had to use an extra setting powder to mattify my face. This was the first product I’ve ever returned, and I felt terrible but I couldn’t see myself using it.

Another dislike! L’oreal lineur intense carbon black liquid eyeliner. The thing flakes off like crazy. If I accidentally touch my eyes at all…black peppery flakes beneath my eyes. So sad about my recent adventures in beauty since I felt that these products were rated as great by others.

So I don’t know what to do with my foundation dilemma. Any foundation I use breaks me out whether it’s high end or drugstore. Shu uemura, revlon, etc. The only thing that works for me is using Aveeno tinted moisturizer and concealing with Revlon’s photo ready concealer then setting with Revlon’s nearly naked powder or Tarte’s amazonian clay powder. Speaking of revlon nearly naked powder…it’s amazing!! I would say one of the best I’ve tried in the drugstore. I thought I liked rimmel’s stay matte powder but revlon’s looks natural no matter how much i apply on my face. Rimmel’s looks cakey if I apply too much.

Another rant…but a positive one~


I LOVE the new neutrogena moisture smooth colorstick! THE BEST lip balm/lipstick pencil I’ve ever tried. Revlon’s balm stains make my lips peel and so do the Tarte lip surgences. I love the color of the Tarte one though…it’s really really too bad I can’t love it. I’m really fixing to throw the others ones I have away since I can’t imagine reaching for any others. The only downside to the neutrogena is that it looks too frosty to me…but once the the initial application wears off after 3-4 hours the color still remains and it looks beautiful on the lips and the frostiness disappears.



Next favorite…the layla cosmetics nail polish in number CE 14. It’s not my absolute like the other nail polish I featured, but it’s a beautiful color perfect for the wintery times. It’s true to color in the bottle….oxblood color I would say?

I’ll do a post a non-beauty post sometime later this week! I’m actually trying to wean myself all these products…I seriously have a makeup addiction >.<



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