Expanding my horizon

Recently I got a fortunate cookie that read something like “Explore new opportunities so that you can expand your horizon.” So here I am trying to figure out what that means for me. As I look back at the past year, there were changes that should have been made. For example, I’m currently visiting a Chinese church…and though I’m still getting to know the people…I feel like I’ve had more intentional and more God-centered fellowship than I’ve ever had at the other church. Only when I ventured out and took that uncertain step I realized “ah…this is what I’ve been missing!” Strangely though, in my heart I am very sad that I’ll be leaving the other church. I don’t regret investing my time with the people there…and they will still be my brothers and sisters in Christ. And I still hope and pray for a day when more and more churches will consist of people from all different cultures. Wouldn’t that be so amazing and countercultural?  For example, the previous church I went to had a Spanish ministry and English ministry. Though they were considered the same church, the Spanish ministry seemed actually like a completely different church just located next door to ours. I mean it may be difficult for them to always have combined worship, but I think it would be nice if at least the young people from English and Spanish all came together once a month and met to embrace each other as one body of Christ. Anyways though that church had some room for improvement there were also so much I’ve learned and appreciated from that church. For example, I realized that the church is super generous. Made me rethink of how I give especially financially to God and His ministry.

Anyways some other changes I’m thinking of going for is: volunteering opportunities and new pole dancing?? Haha yes I’ll be visiting a pole dancing fitness gym with my friend this Thursday. We’ll see how THAT goes…

For volunteering, maybe a cat cage cleaner at my local Petsmart? Haha…idk though since I MAY be allergic to cats.


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