Why is it still in the 80s in Texas??

It’s hot and we have the AC on at home right now O.O. Unfortunately I think fall will evade the Texas region this year :(. Hopefully by the time Thanksgiving rolls around it’ll be chilly enough to be enjoying some fattening, heartwarming food ;).

Recently I’ve been feeling so much joy because God has been working in my heart and my sins. Once my focus was on God, I’ve been able to share my joy with even my non-Christian coworkers and my closest friends. People I haven’t even imagined would contact me have been asking me how I’m doing. One of the best conversations I have had this week was one with a friend who was also coming out of a difficult place in her life. We were just so happy to share and encourage one another. I hope that God will continue to grow and change me wherever I am and whoever I’m with.

I have also completed a novel this week. I’m trying to list my small “completed goals” every week so I can keep myself motivated and entertained. Having nothing to do after work can actually be quite boring! I want to make the most out of this time I guess since I prolly won’t have down times like these once I get to medical school…eventually.

So I read the book titled Beautiful Disaster. I read it since it got several positive reviews in Barnes and Noble. However…I don’t think I’m digging books about romance. They’re always the same things…triangle relationship, minimal characterization except the main boy and girl, over dramatic scenes, guy changing 180 degrees for a girl, etc. I guess this novel was better than most…but I’m ready to move on to a next set of books. I currently want to read 1) The Great Gatsby 2) The Hobbit and 3) the Life of Pi all because they’re coming out as movies.

I really need to do other things than look at youtube videos because I frequently spend unnecessary amount of money on makeup. And I guilt trip myself so that I end up buying really cheap makeup that’s not even that great. I recently purchased Wet n Wild silky lipstick line or something like that because they were only a dollar at the drugstore. The staying power of the lipsticks are fantastic but then they dry out my lips incredibly and they taste like cheap makeup. 😦



2 thoughts on “Why is it still in the 80s in Texas??

  1. I can’t believe you tried the cheap makeup. I remember you telling me about it when we were looking at MAC stuff at Dillards…hahah, btw, guess what nail polish I have on (the minty green!) makes me think of you jean. hope you’re having fun with harry in Cali! Blog more! I know I shouldn’t be saying this cuz you blog a LOT more than me, but I recently updated mine and I want you to update yours πŸ™‚ gracias

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