Let It Fall

Atlanta fall season is so gorgeous I miss it now that I’m living in such a treeless state. Last week, I visited El Paso…and the place was so treeless…desert-y. When glancing the landscape, the ground looks like a face full of blackheads. The beige deserty ground is spotted with green shrubberies. The actual El Paso city was more developed…thank goodness. And the landscape was beautiful once you see it from the ground. The Rocky Mountains roll across the landscape to add a little more character to the land.

It’s not much of a view but hey this is El Paso. It looked much better in real life.

The interview was an interesting experience. The interviewees toured around the school and got to see all the medical “toys” they had for their students. One poor girl though started seizing when all the interviewees were crowded into one physical examining room. Seeing her seizing made me 100x times more nervous…thankfully she was sent to the emergency and recovered. The first interview I had was pretty intense: the guy asked me probably a dozen ethical questions O.O. But once I got interviewed…I felt so free. I got to speak my mind and why I want to pursue medicine…so hopefully that message carried through to them. Preparing the answers ahead of time didn’t even help because I ended up saying something completely different to even the question: Why do you want to become a doctor? I had a good answer too…pooh. I actually really like the school: the curriculum seems great, all their facilities are new, and they have a new children’s hospital where hopefully I’ll gain experience for my dream to be a pediatrician (or a primary physician…not sure right now).

After the interview, Harry came over to Texas and visited me a week. We had so much fun! We went to the State Fair just yesterday. We tried deep fried samoas, deep fried peanut butter and jelly, deep fried jambalaya, corny dogs, corn, fried Texas frito pie, deep fried cheesecake, and a lot of drinks ;). Couple of my coworkers were together with us as well. It was great to get out and have some fun with Harry and friends~. Harry and I also went to Spa Castle and had a wonderful time in the saunas and had drinks at the bar immersed inside the swimming pool. It looked like this:



In the evening there was rain but Harry and I ran outside and got a snug lounge chair that was covered and had curtains on all sides. We hugged each other and looked at the stars while the rain was pattering in the background. It was wonderful. Anybody thinking of going on a date in Dallas should go there.

For some nature/ outdoor experience we went to this place called Cedar Ridge…which is a gorgeous park I have never even heard of in Dallas. But we looked it up and had an amazing hiking experience…I brought my dog along with me too…she had quite a workout! :



We went to Main Event and bowled our hearts out. I was so close to hitting a triple digit score! The highest score I got was a 93…I was real proud. Psy’s music video “Gangnam style” was showcased in the background which I found interesting. Gosh I love his song but it’s almost getting old now. I hope Psy can come out with another cool song soon. Anyways Main Event has some AWESOME drinks. Chunky Monkey and a chocolate liquor drink (forgot the name of it) was sooooo good.

We also tried lots of amazing local restaurants: Babe’s, Si Tapas, Saigon Mall, Mama Tita, etc. We watched Frankenweenie and Hotel Transylvania too. I went all out with our dates since I haven’t seen Harry in three months! At first I couldn’t stand being with him all the time since I wasn’t used to being with him for a week. But now that he’s gone he left a pretty empty place in this house for me. Hopefully I’ll see him during my Christmas break.

Currently I’m reading: The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller


-Also these blog posts Melissa showed me:



I really like these blog posts about what a guy should look for in a girl and what a girl should look for in a guy. It’s true that a guy should date a girl that reads. A girl who reads most likely cares for substance since reading requires going beyond the superficiality of words and phrases. Plus reading requires understanding and imagination…you know? Something people need to get through tough times in life since imagination and creativity are always needed in problem solving. Understanding is needed to plow through relationship problems. But I think this blog post goes for men as well…girls get a guy that reads…hopefully he’s a guy that yearns for a woman beyond her beauty.

Currently I’m drinking: Salted Caramel Mocha~ (i love the pumpkin spiced latte too though)

Currently I’m listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwaCaaqfIK4

I’m really excited about this song since I love Alicia Keys. Harry showed me this song haha.

Currently loves: Marilyn Monroe cheek powder in Perfect Cheek


Yes I might have bought this blush for its packaging but actually it’s a perfect cheek color for fall. It’s a neutral light pink brown blush. My Tarte exposed blush definitely looks darker and warmer compared to it. I like it a tid bit better than my exposed blush because exposed functions like a bronzy pink whereas this blush adds more glow and brightness with a fall-esque color. I’m writing this at night so I don’t have a natural lighting photo of the actual blush color…but you can try looking at the color online. I was really hoping to grab the lipsticks but they were all out by the time I looked for them in stores. :T

Aah and I shouldn’t be buying any more stuff but right now I’m really lusting after this purse:


I usually dislike copying others but I saw one of the girls on youtube with this and I thought to myself: must have! Maybe someday…love the burgundy color!



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