Eerie Coincidence

I randomly stumbled across this video…and these two couples are oddly similar to Harry and me. Similarities: 1) Chiselle talks about how they got together because the guy was so persistent despite the fact she wasn’t initially interested in him 2) she gets moody and the guy is there supporting and listening to her through those times and 3) she’s Korean and he’s Chinese. :O I’m seeing more and more Chinese-Korean couples getting together…hopefully Harry and I will be together soon :). Okay not gonna gross you out any more.

As for my friendships I’ve been kinda disappointed by a couple of people because I feel like I’m on the last priority for them. Or maybe I’m just the girl with all the time in the world to try to reach out and keep in touch with others. Or maybe I’m expecting too much from people? I’m still finding it difficult to feel connected with old college friends or make new friends since I’ve been out of college. I’ve made friends with my coworkers though. They’re pretty awesome…they help me maintain my sanity at work. I’ll be going to State Fair hopefully in October when Harry comes.

9/11/12: just realized i uploaded the wrong video from chisel. Oops!


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